The Impact of Art in Niagara Falls: $280,000 Statute of Frederick Douglass Proposed

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When the Niagara Falls City Council meets this Thursday at 6:00pm at City Hall, spending $280,000.00 on a new statute will be on the agenda.

The statue, funded by Greenway money, is of Frederick Douglass and the proposed location is in front of the Niagara Falls Police Station on Main Street.

According to historical records, Frederick Douglass visited Niagara Falls on numerous occasions before and after the Civil War.

He gave a speech at the First Congregational Church on Cleveland Avenue.

In fear of being arrested over his friendship with John Brown, he was helped across the suspension bridge by a Niagara Falls newspaper editor in 1859.

There is also a famous picture of him and his wife with the whirlpool rapids in the background.


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