Crooked Hillary Clinton, dba , Sec of State, Endorsed by king (with a small k) Obama

by J. Gary DiLaura

Obama is providing more evidence of two things I’ve been alleging regarding the king (with a small k). First, he had no intention of “honoring his oath” to our Constitution because he IS a Muslim and he, himself, committed so many criminal acts as president that he is “deathly” afraid of a President Trump appointing a real Attorney General who will lead a criminal investigation with Obama as the  Subject! So king Obama made a deal with the devil, Hillary!

The Constitutional responsibility of the President is to ENFORCE THE RULE OF LAW of the United States! Congress makes the Laws and the President ENFORCES the Laws. In the Federal Judicial system there are Federal Criminal Procedures set forth as a matter of Law. That is how it works, by Law!

It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of a 23 person Federal Grand Jury to determine, after hearing the evidence, whether or not there is Probable Cause to believe an individual should be held over for trial. No elected official is allowed to interfere or influence that process!

The way we get to that point in the Federal system, is the investigator(s) (FBI, DEA, ATF) conduct an investigation and present the facts to a Prosecutor, usually an AUSA ( the DOJ). The prosecutor and investigator determine whether there is Probable Cause, PC, to either file a Complaint for the issue of an Arrest Warrant or should they proceed “directly” to a Federal Grand Jury. Either way, the matter ultimately ends up in the hands  of a 23 person Federal Grand Jury to decide whether or not there is PC to bring the Subject to Trial for the charges! The Grand Jury returns either a True Bill or No Bill.

In January of this year king Obama said HE didn’t THINK Hillary did anything wrong with her emails! Now the Person who occupies the office of the President endorses the Subject of a Major FBI Criminal investigation…a person who ran the State Department as a “dba”!

It is NEVER up to the FBI, USA, DOJ, the House, Senate, Supreme Court OR the President or someone who thinks he’s a KING or a “king” to determine innocence or guilt or if there is PC to Indict or not. It is called DUE PROCESS. What the hell Law School did this freaking guy go to? IT IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF A JURY…A GRAND JURY!

It is the Constitutional responsibility of the President to “enforce” our Rule of Law, not circumvent it. That reinforces my belief that Obama is still an Islamic Muslim and NEVER believed in the Constitution but rather wants to do as the Koran says and destroy it! It is a Crime for the President, or king Obama, to interfere in that process, which he just did by publically endorsing a person who, he has been officially notified by DOJ, is the subject of a serious, Federal, Criminal investigation by the FBI!!

By what he did he is saying that HE believes Clinton did nothing wrong as I assume he wouldn’t endorse someone HE believed to be guilty! The Constitution says, in not so many words, he should keep his mouth shut!

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