THE CRIME NF: December 19th Edition of the Niagara Reporter Newspaper

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-According to Niagara Falls Police, a man carrying a firearm robbed the Sunoco gas station at the intersection of Niagara Falls Boulevard and Military Road early Tuesday morning (December 11th). According to reports, the man pointed the gun at an employee, demanded money from the cash register, and then took out an empty pillowcase. The man took the cash and then left. The employee stated the suspect was a black male, about 5′ 6″ and had a medium build. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to a gas station on the 2200 block of Hyde Park Boulevard on Saturday, December 15th, after the owner said a woman stole gas. According to reports, the woman pre-paid for $20 of gas and was told the pump was broken and that it would not stop, which meant she would have to stop upon reaching it. Police say she did not stop at $20 and instead pumped $57.11 worth of gas. 

-Multiple law enforcement agencies in Niagara County with bomb threats being emailed in to more than a handful of places in the afternoon hours of Thursday, December 13th. According to reports, among the locations receiving bomb threats were NCCC and Niagara University. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to reports of shots fired in the 2800 block of Highland Avenue in the early evening hours of Thursday, December 13th. According to reports, at least ten bullet casings were recovered in the area. There was no property damage or injuries reported and police are continuing to investigate the motive for the shooting. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to Maple Avenue Elementary School in the afternoon hours of Friday, December 14th, after multiple vehicles failed to stop for school buses carryign young children. 

-Multiple law enforcement agencies – including the NFPD, FBI, Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, and others – executed a search warrant at a residence in Packard Court in the evening hours of Friday, December 14th. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the 7-Eleven at 7610 Buffalo Avenue for an armed robbery in the early morning hours of Saturday, December 15th. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to the 1500 block of Elmwood after reports of tires being stolen from a truck. According to reports, police were able to locate all four tires behind a fence in an alley about 100 yards away from the owner’s home. It is unknown at this time whether the incident was meant to be a joke or not. 

-Niagara Falls Police responded to reports of an assault with a weapon (a snow brush) in Packard Court.

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