COVID-19 Claims Life of 21-Year-Old Wheatfield Woman

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By: Staff Reporter

The Niagara County Department of Health has confirmed that a 21-year-old Wheatfield woman, Tatiana Moore, has died after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in early April. According to the DOH, she suffered from underlying health conditions.

Moore’s mother, Lori Salvatore, stated that she passed away at the Cleveland Clinic on Thursday.

In an update on their GoFundMe page, Moore was transferred from Mercy Hospital to the Cleveland Clinic in May in hopes of receiving a lung transplant. The GoFundMe page has raised over $30,000 as of this article being published and can be found at the following link:

According to the GoFundMe page, Moore’s battle with COVID-19 in “did major damage to her lung structure that [was] irreversible.”

In an interview published by the Buffalo News, Moore’s mother stated that she wanted to be a social worker.


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