Councilman Tompkins Speaks Out Against Garbage Fee [Tax]

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By: Kenny Tompkins

Niagara Falls City Councilman

As it stands right now I am against the garbage user fee unless they can show me where it is going to benefit the taxpayer.

Where they are going to get something for their money? Are they going to get unlimited bulk. Are they going to give people who need two cans two cans? Are they going to do something about illegal dumping?

I need residents to get something for their money.

Realistically, you can have a tax increase of up to 2% each year. But with the user fee they are already raising taxes. You can call it a user fee or whatever you want, but it’s a tax.

Usually going up 1-2% per year is like going up $20, $30 or $40 dollars. Creating an additional user fee for garbage of $200, and then having a tax increase of 1-2%. They are well onto a double-digit tax increase.

I think we need to go through every department – and I mean every department – and one person gets laid off. Let’s see what that savings is. I have a feeling it would be a considerable savings, which is fair because that effects everyone.


  1. Colleen Degenhardt says:

    I agree that the Niagara Falls tax payers should not have to pay for Dyster’s mismanagement of Casino revenue!

  2. Secara realistis, Anda dapat memiliki peningkatan pajak hingga 2% setiap tahun. Tetapi dengan biaya pengguna mereka sudah menaikkan pajak.

  3. Howard Hughes says:

    Popular or not, We The People need to take action in Niagara Falls, get more involved in researching who is getting paid for what in the “government” in Niagara Falls, and drain our own swamp. The corruption and insanity in the government has to stop and we cannot leave it up to politicians. WE have to do it. Dyster’s Cuomo can be blamed for quite a bit of this and to those of you who continue to vote Dyster in can be blamed for the rest. He, and everyone associated with him, have to go instead of residents sitting around complaining about the deplorable conditions and high taxes in Niagara Falls. Very few politicians can be trusted here either. Thankfully, Kenny Tompkins is one of the few on the residents side, so far.

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