Council Candidate Makes Bid for Female Leadership in Falls

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Niagara Falls Council Candidate Alicia Kenyon.


By: Tony Farina

Alicia Kenyon, a Democrat seeking election next month to the Niagara Falls City Council in a very competitive race, apparently wants to make sure voters know that she is a strong woman in a political world dominated by men.  

If elected, she would be the only woman from Niagara Falls to hold elective office on the council, the Niagara County Legislature, or the Niagara Falls Board of Education.

In a social media posting and possibly in campaign literature, Ms. Kenyon harkens imagery recalling the iconic Rosie the Riveter, featuring a picture of her and her daughter flexing their muscles and announcing, “We Can Do It!”



Is that pandering to women voters? Perhaps she believes playing the ‘gender card’ will give her an edge.

Kenyon, a longtime ally of outgoing Mayor Paul Dyster, is one of four candidates for two seats on the council, and as she states, she is the only female in the race.  

She has run twice before under her maiden name Alicia Laible.  Maybe her gender appeal will help her more than her political résumé.  

We’ll leave that for voters to decide and wish her the best.


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