CORSARO: Let’s Talk Transparency

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By: Candace Corsaro

Candidate for Niagara Falls City Council

What we absolutely need at City Hall is TRANSPARENCY! We need complete communication; we need to hold city government accountable for their actions and decisions. Not having transparency in this and past administrations, has put a burden on residents, taxpayers and businesses.

Lack of accountability and communication between our City Administration and City Council has been absurd. When talking to many residents and business owners they ask me,

“WHY I want to run for City Council…”

I tell them, “Someone needs to step up that is familiar with our city, who understands many of our needs, and who knows about Leadership. Someone not afraid to ask questions and obtain correct answers. Someone who will ‘step out of the box’ as a city councilperson and help bring in jobs that will improve our quality of life!”

I am that person! I am a proven leader who cares. I am not afraid to confront anyone that is not doing their job! I know that using the experience gained in both my career and volunteer roles, I can help stabilize our community. I plan to work with like minded people to improve housing, neighbourhood safety and help bring more businesses and jobs to Niagara Falls.

LET’S BE HONEST… Our residents have lost trust and respect in our city government. To gain the respect of our community we must have a City Council that puts its people first, and cares about what it will take to improve the quality of life here!

In order to accomplish this, we must elect a new City Council and administration with more experienced and knowledgeable people. Leaders who will work together to make the many improvements we desperately need.

Yes, Niagara Falls is a great and wonderful attraction. Our city depends on tourists that bring in at least 30 million every year. What our citizens want to know is, “Why does that not translate into a magnificent city for the rest of us living here?”

Other cities are doing better without this tourism. Our residents ask, “Why is Niagara Falls experiencing so many blighted neighborhoods?  To our citizens it looks as though City Hall has been mismanaging funds, or there is corruption, or lack of leadership.

What is it?  We all need answers

 What has happened to cause such poverty, crime and neglect within our city?

It is time to move forward, find the answers and implement new strategies.

Yes, we must focus on improving tourism. But what about the rest of us? Not everyone here works in the tourism sector. I want to bring to your attention that many tourism jobs are low wage and not year-round. Over the years many of our skilled trades workers have been moving away. Our city is losing residents every single day. 

How can we continue to budget money we do not have.

Too many Promises from our State, that money is on the way. I have worked on budgets at state level, city level and community levels from thousands of dollars into the millions. As a real estate agent, I work with figures and finances every single day.

I understand leadership! I am the first woman to hold the title of ‘Distinguished Governor’ for Kiwanis International of the New York District.

We do not need a control board, we need reliable professional business people in our city government. We need to look at union budgets, the privatization of our properties contracts and hold new lessees accountable.

WE NEED to look at the two-tier tax for businesses!

WE NEED to hold our departments accountable for not doing their jobs as they should be doing.

What about our quality of life here?

I have a daughter and granddaughter who had to move out of state for a better job as many of your children have done, or will have to do. This is unfortunate! Niagara Falls cannot afford to hemorrhage any more of its residents!

I was born and raised here in Niagara Falls and still live in our family home. I can’t and won’t give up on our city!

What can we do?

Well first, I would go above and beyond my duties to help bring jobs back here, good paying jobs.

We have many abandoned homes that could be restored and lived in. Many renters would love a home of their own but cannot afford the ridicules amount needed for a mortgage.


I love our community!

As a concerned citizen I have attended City Council meetings for years.

I’ve stood with and alongside our unions. I continue to speak out on many issues concerning our city’s well-being.

I have fought for ‘no tax’ increases. I have fought for our water, garbage fees, and bad streets. I have fought slumlords and empty properties. I have picketed against allowing pedophiles by our schools. I have fought for safety with our police and fire departments.

In order to learn first hand what happens, I went on a ride-along with our DPW and NFPD to learn about the departments and their plans to continue. To be a City councilwoman you need to know about Niagara Falls departments and operations. I have also held a position on the Board of Assessment. What other candidate has done so?

Where have the other candidates been?  NOT HERE, NOT STANDING UP for our quality of life, not for better city government.

As a experienced LEADER… I have a BUSINESS point of view and  the KNOWLEDGE of what we need.

 The CARING it will take to improve our QUALITY OF LIFE in this great city!

Excellent  history of working with others, being a team player. I have no conflicts of interest, no personal agenda other than making a difference here, where we live.

I can work with anyone to get the job done.

I have the passion to make this a better place for each and everyone of YOU.

So, in the best interests of our city. LET’S TURN IT AROUND TOGETHER!

Call my personal cell phone: 716-804-4698.

Learn more about upcoming events. Read the Blog. Find out how you can help and more on my website,


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