By J. Gary DiLaura

These are my opinions and the opinions of a lot of Americans…

What a relief… we again have a President who was born here, is a Christian, believes in: our Rule of Law, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, free enterprise, a strong military, loves our veterans as well as all other Americans, and who knows how to pronounce “Corpsman”!  He has an original, verifiable, unaltered birth certificate, a legit Social Security card, and an unaltered Selective Service card! He will proudly show you his college records and probably his passport!  He knows how  to create businesses and  jobs… he knows how to recognize and appoint patriotic, capable Americans to his staff and jobs critical to our security, and will not appoint ANY radicals or militants who want to “change America” to any positions, especially  “CIA Director” or “Homeland Security” or “Chief Advisor”!

trump ostrowski

He will not support any white militant or black militant or red militant or any other radical “asshole” who wants to make America something it is NOT! He will call out liars, for what they are… liars. He will ban fake reporters and fake news media that report opinion as fact, lies as truth and alter what the White House reports… from attending White House Press Conferences and travel with the President! He will do that with the support of Americans who believe in freedom of the “truthful” press and who want to know the real news and not what opinions Chris Mathews, George Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd or others like them have!

He will put the health, welfare and the security of the American people and our country first and foremost and not Spotted Owls, Smelt and outrageous environmental beliefs! Instead of Political Correctness he will utilize Common Sense when deciding how to utilize our God-given, enormous natural resources and who and what should NOT be allowed into the United States. It is NOT a right for non-citizens to enter the US, it is a privilege that we the people grant to those we want here.

We have the Right to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” which means we have the right to use our cost effective, readily available, clean energy resources like coal, oil, natural gas and our advanced nuclear technology!

We the people, through our elected President and his proclamation, have the right, the responsibility and the law (Public Law 414) to ban and  remove ANY religion or group or ethnic origin of people or individuals who want to enter our country to change our government or Rule of Law by force, violence or intimidation! That includes anyone who preaches or practices a tyrannical form of government against our Rule of Law with no separation of Church and State and demands death to those who refuse to comply!


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