Comments: Praising and criticizing Dyster $75,000 boundary waters party



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Here are three in response to: 

Niagara Falls Taxpayers will pay to host Great Lakes Conference Dyster given $75,000 blank check to spend as he likes  


If you’re going to blast the Niagara Falls City Council and spending, please stop being lazy and actually attend a meeting, instead of using a competitor’s story. This isn’t journalism, it’s simply a rewrite with your own spin on it and a telephone call 10 minutes before deadline.
If you spend like five minutes searching for last year’s conference, you could actually learn some interesting items to report about spending and outcome. The laziness from the Reporter is overwhelming.

Here is an opposite view:

JS: Sounds like party time! I’m sure the mayor will supply a few kegs of good home brew for the festivities and by the time it comes to business all will be feeling good and not to worry about the blight crime and corruption in the falls. Now the question is will the mayor supply the special brew at $5k a keg or just the regular stuff at $1k a keg?

Here is another view:

Judy: HA! & exactly what is the city going to “showcase”? abandoned homes? the slum areas? the dying biz districts? the foundation for the new Hamister hotel? the remodeling of the rest of the mall for “Wonderfalls”? what a joke. Mr. [Ezra] Scott was right is saying—STOP, we need more info. Sad to say that his voice is a cry in the wilderness.



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