The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura


In all my years in law enforcement I never charged anyone for Conspiring to Collude or for Colluding to Conspire?! That’s because colluding and conspiring are NOT crimes!

In a May 23, 2017 FOX News article by Gregg Jarrett, Jarrett stated, “Robert Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility.”

Jarrett went on to say, “As special counsel, Mueller can engage in all manner of spectacular jurisprudential gymnastics. However, it will not change the fact that colluding with Russia is not, under America’s criminal codes, a crime. It’s just not there.”

Maybe it should be. Perhaps someday Congress will pass a law criminalizing such conduct in political campaigns. But for now, there is not a single statute outlawing collaboration with a foreign government in a U.S. presidential election. Or any election, for that matter.


Collusion is a term that came to prominence in 1890 when President Harrison signed the Sherman Antitrust Law making “collusion” in certain antitrust matters a crime. It is only criminal in an antitrust setting! Otherwise, there are no collusion violations! A US citizen who is NOT a government employee may speak to ANY foreign official he wants to speak with unless, perhaps, he travels to a “banned” nation to do it or is otherwise SPECIFICALLY prohibited! People like FOX’s Juan Williams, CNN’s Chris Mathews, California’s Maxine Waters and Pelosi, have such a mind boggling ignorance of Federal Criminal Law that I find it hard to believe that they are the people who make our laws, who report on events in our laws and could possibly be that ignorant of our laws!

So… no matter how bad Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chris Mathews want to see President Trump’s family in jail, they haven’t broken any laws like Hillary Clinton’s family did, does and will continue to do.


As far as a Conspiracy is concerned, there must be a crime associated with the conspiracy. Two people can conspire or collude to meet, but that is not a crime! They must conspire to commit a crime against the United States (US Code) in order for it to be a crime and there must be an overt act. For example, if Loretta Lynch conspired with James Comey to obstruct the investigation into Clinton’s emails, the Clinton Foundation or the negligent handling of classified information, there must be an overt act. There’s a pretty good argument that Lynch directing Comey to back off, by calling the investigation a “matter.” Comey actually doing that and two weeks later, closing the case, are overt acts to obstruct justice!

That is exactly why I have written several articles, as recently as last week, that the Chief Executive, President Trump, MUST exercise his executive powers and put the Special Prosecutor investigation on “hold” until he can examine the evidence to see if crimes were committed by top executives in the Obama administration. People like Lynch, Comey, Holder, Clinton, Podesta, Mills, Sullivan, Rice and on and on! There certainly is plenty of probable cause to open a RICO investigation on Obama and his entire administration!

The so-called Russian interference began Summer 2016 when Obama was President. But, NOBODY is asking “WHAT DID PRESIDENT OBAMA DO?” Just like, everybody knows Obama didn’t send help to Benghazi but… no one asked Obama. WHY?


The predicate crimes that Obama et al committed are like a shopping list for an investigator and a prosecutor. So why is there no investigation of them right now? That’s why President Trump needs to get DIRECTLY involved no matter what the left accuses him of. He MUST do his job. The more the left obstructs… the closer Trump is getting to the swamp!

They can say Trump’s “interference” into the Special Prosecutor investigation is collusion, or a conspiracy… and they can say the moon is made of blue cheese. Only Schumer can claim,”But it is,” and then cry!

Let our President do his job… IDIOTS!

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