Coffee with Chris on February 15th, 2018


Niagara Falls, NY – Niagara Falls City Council member Chris Voccio has scheduled his second Coffee with Chris to get feedback from citizens.

Coffee with Chris sessions are tentatively scheduled for the third Thursday of each month. The second Coffee with Chris is scheduled for Thursday, February 15th at 8am, at Power City Eatery at 444 Third Street in Niagara Falls. Voccio said it will be a casual session and he will cover the coffee but people can order other food and drinks if they like at their own expense. No reservations are needed. Future sessions will be held at locations throughout the city.

“We had a good crowd at our first session and I’m looking forward to hearing what’s on people’s minds at the next session,” Voccio said.

Voccio, a Republican, is beginning his first term as a Council member.


Chris Voccio


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