By J Gary DiLaura

I got to hand it to Barry (I am trying not to call him what I REALLY believe he is). He almost did IT! Thank God there are enough adults left to stop him! I don’t know if the majority of the left doesn’t understand what the Democrat Party leaders are trying to do or if they do realize it and are “all in” for a socialist society and new world order of some sort. But they need to realize what almost happened.

Our forefathers were “deathly” afraid of tyranny and wrote the Bill of Rights to prevent a one ruler tyrannical government from ever depriving all Americans equal rights, no matter what majority party ruled. Critical to that end is the ability of the individual citizen to defend himself, his family, his property. Hence, the second Amendment became a VERY powerful tool to keep America free! So powerful, that it alone is the one stumbling block Barrack Obama and his band of thieves could not quite overcome! No tyrant will ever take over America as long as there are 130,000,000 gun owners!

In my opinion, in the not too distant future, the truth about Obama will surface and the “good” Democrats, defined as the ones who believe in the Constitution, will say, “Oh my God, he IS a Muslim and he almost succeeded in changing America”!

All the things he did and all the hysteria he tried to stir up has NOTHING to do with a concern for the environment nor does he give a s— about black ,white, yellow or red Americans. His one and only loyalty is Allah and all his despicable efforts to trash our country were in line with that goal. The thing that upsets me the most, though, is not that most Democrats don’t believe what I am saying because, unfortunately, most people take an apathetic attitude towards what’s going on, unless it has a direct impact on their pocket book! That’s life but it saved our Rule of Law!

As a result, a lot more people, Republican AND Democrat, stood up and got counted! But the “ones” who do know and understand the truth, are the corrupt, arrogant, deplorable left wing, red, commie, pinko, bastards who call themselves “journalists”! They are nothing more than the worst opportunists that this Nation has ever seen! The First Amendment protects the freedom of the press as our forefathers, in their great wisdom, knew how powerful the press can be. Our “press” has bastardized that, abused, and corrupted their freedom and turned it into something more evil than you realize. THEY created Global Warming, they created the CO2 scare, they created the spotted owl and California smelt nonsense! They created, perpetuated and permitted the election of the most inept, self serving, inexperienced, dumbest, divisive President Obama this country has ever seen! Obama, a person who never in his life ever had a real job or any job except community organizer and a no show 2 year stint as a US Senator who disrespected this country at every turn, has the b…. (nerve) to say Mr. Trump isn’t qualified. Neither Obama nor Hillary could “polish Trump’s shoes”.

Hillary was endorsed by over 52 major news media’s and Donald Trump was endorsed by 2 and that dummy Obama said the press was “unfair” and favored Trump?! Chuck “Dud”, Chris Mathews, George Stephanopoulos and the rest should come out of their closets, man up and tell the world the truth about their “inner battle” and confusion about their…social desires! They are …yes it’s true… they’re socialists! I say go to Denmark, Sweden, China where you can be totally out of the closet! Let’s see how much freedom of the press they get there!

Those morons knowingly helped Obama to try and destroy this country! If you have any brains at all, you will ignore the blather that is coming from main stream and get behind President Elect Donald Trump!

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