City Tax Foreclosure $$$ not available?


Reporter Editorial

The City of Niagara Falls held a Tax Foreclosed Real Estate Auction on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, but has not yet made public what the net proceeds were that accrued to the city.

Nearly 300 properties went on the auction block that day. Homes and commercial properties were sold because people who owned them failed to pay the taxes in this highest taxed city in the highest taxed state.

When will City Hall tell the public the financial outcome?

If Mayor Dyster would care to share the numbers with it, the Reporter will be glad to pass it on to our readers.

Perhaps the City thought no one was interested, but, here at the Reporter, we know that 300 property owners – for whatever reason – could not pay the high and shameful taxes here and consequently the city took their properties away.

Maybe some were lucky to lose their property and leave this poorest governed city. But others struggled and toiled to make ends meet, fell behind on the exorbitant property taxes and lost their homes.

While the mayor and the council play – spending money as if it were water – without consequences – this is the real result of policies that are not taxpayer friendly. People lose their homes.

So how much did the public make?

And how will it be spent?

Auctions International sold numerous Niagara Falls properties last month, but for how much?

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