City of Niagara Falls Allocates $448,000 to Catholic Charities for Housing Relief

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By: Staff Reporter

In a press conference held this afternoon, Mayor Robert Restaino announced the allocation of nearly half a million dollars in aid to Catholic Charities to help local families avoid eviction and homelessness.

Catholic Charities services the Western New York region, covering eight counties with 43 professionally staffed locations. With this funds’ allocation, amounting to $448,000 in total, Catholic Charities can assist local families and residents, allowing them to remain in their homes and create stable family situations.

Deacon Steve Schumer, Catholic Charities President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Thank you, Mayor Restaino, for your collaboration with local partners like Catholic Charities to support the needs of those residents of Niagara Falls who continue to face great challenges during this ongoing pandemic. Housing and utilities are basic needs that are critical to every one of us. Because of these specific funds, we’ll be able to say: Yes, we have help for you. That is truly a Godsend.”

“The health and economic impact of this pandemic has been devastating to many,” said Mayor Restaino. “My administration has been committed to using available funding for many different aspects in the fight against COVID-19. Whether it is funding virus test kits for the schools and the community or, as here, lifting the burden of how families survive the negative economic impact and maintain stable family housing. I am happy to assist Catholic Charities in delivering this service to our community.”


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