City Councilman Chris Voccio Announces Run for County Legislature in 6th District

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Councilman Chris Voccio


By: Staff Reporter

Niagara Falls City Councilman Chris Voccio has announced he is running for the County Legislature seat for District 6.

Voccio had announced earlier in the month that he was running for re-election to the City Council but decided to instead run for the County seat held by Dennis Virtuoso who recently announced his retirement.

“While I love being a Council member, I look forward to continuing to serve Niagara Falls in a new capacity. The residents of Legislative District 6 need a choice of candidates and they need someone with a strong history of standing up for taxpayers,” Voccio said in a statement released today.

“As a Councilman, I stood up for taxpayers by voting against the garbage fee, I voted against bad budgets, I voted against bad contracts and I gave myself a pay-cut on day one,” Voccio said. “And I’ll bring that brand of self-sacrifice and concern for taxpayers to the County Legislature.”

Voccio issued a longer statement online at:

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