CHRIS’S CORNER: Why I’m Running for the County Legislature

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BY: Staff Reporter

Earlier in the month I announced my plan to seek re-election to the City Council. I was ready to run another city-wide campaign, knocking on doors in every ward, every district, on every street.

When Dennis Virtuoso announced that he would not seek re-election to the District 6 seat, and when it looked like only one candidate was seeking that seat, I knew we needed to give the residents of the district a choice.

Today I announce I’m running for the County Legislature seat for District 6. Now the voters will have a choice. And the differences between the two candidates are stark.

  • I voted against bad budgets, budgets that squeezed taxpayers but imposed no sacrifice on the part of city government. The other candidate voted for these budgets.
  • I voted against the garbage fee, which once again forced taxpayers to sacrifice while city government spending continued unabated. The other candidate voted for the garbage fee.
  • I gave myself a 10% pay cut on day one, as part of my 2017 “10-5 Plan” campaign pledge. The other candidate voted against my pay cut resolution.
  • I voted against contracts that were bad deals for taxpayers. The other candidate voted for those contracts.
  • In short, I’m a fiscal watchdog and a voice for taxpayers.

We now have two candidates with sharp contrasts, and voters have an important decision to make.

I’m the candidate who has a solid record of accomplishment in the private sector AND a track record of standing up for taxpayers in the public sector.

I will once again self-fund my campaign so I remain beholden to no one.

As a County Legislator I’ll continue to work for a better Niagara Falls. I’ll continue to stand up for taxpayers. I’ll continue to stand up for you.

Chris Voccio is a Niagara Falls City Councilman and candidate for County Legislative District 6 and can be reached at 716-696-0086 or Subscribe to his blog at


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