CHRIS’S CORNER: Standing Up For Niagara Falls

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By: Staff Reporter

When I declared my candidacy for the District 6 seat in the Niagara County Legislature, some supporters told me I should remain on the Council as they see me as a voice for taxpayers in Niagara Falls.

I’ve had others say that by running for County Legislator I was somehow leaving the city. Not at all. I’ll continue up to live right here on 31st Street. I’ll continue to be a champion for a better Niagara Falls.

I can still be a voice for taxpayers as a County Legislator. But more than than that, I can be a voice for greater cooperation between the City and the County.

Mayor Restaino has consistently said he believes in inter-governmental cooperation as a way to deliver government services more cost-effectively. I share that belief, and I also believe as a County Legislator I can work to find synergies between City government and County government.

With a County budget of more than $300 million and a City budget of almost $100 million there must be some duplicative services that could be delivered more efficiently for Niagara Falls taxpayers.

We all know that the City of Niagara Falls is in need of economic development, and I believe Niagara County’s economic development department, working hand-in-hand with the City, can help. I plan to be a voice for the two government layers, City and County, working as collaboratively as possible.

As a County Legislator, I will continue to be a voice for Niagara Falls. I will continue to meet with City Council members and I will be available to the Mayor any time at his convenience. I will continue to hold my Coffee with Chris events to remain accessible to citizens, regardless of which legislative district they live in.

I’ll bring to county government a successful career in the private sector, a graduate degree in business administration and a record of fiscal responsibility in the public sector.

As a County Legislator, I’ll continue to stand up for taxpayers. I’ll continue to stand up for you.

And I’ll continue to stand up for Niagara Falls.

Chris Voccio is a Niagara Falls City Councilman and candidate for County Legislator District 6 and can be reached at 716-696-0086 or Subscribe to his blog at

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