CHOOLOKIAN: Voters of Niagara Falls We Must Change the Status Quo!

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Mayoral Candidate Glenn A. Choolokian.


By: Glenn A. Choolokian

Candidate for Mayor of Niagara Falls

The election for Niagara Fall’s next Mayor is less than a 1 week away. After ten long months of campaigning, we are almost there.

The critical differences between me and the other candidates seeking this Mayoral post is very simple: Experience and a Plan for Change. I am the only candidate that has presented a Real Visual Plan that will fix Niagara Falls.

( Please take a couple of minutes to watch my Video Series on my Plan for Change on my Facebook page “Glenn Choolokian for Mayor” or on my website: )

 For years I have dedicated myself to furthering the quality of our community through leadership and experience in our local government, coupled with many years of owning and operating a small business in Niagara Falls. This multidimensional experience means as a candidate I bring a wealth of knowledge in so many areas of our government, business and, most importantly, the issues important to the residents of our city.

I am the only candidate that has served as a Niagara Falls City Council member, while also serving as the Council Chair. I have reviewed, approved and balanced many budgets over the years with the tax payers best interest always coming first. My years as a Council member has provided me with the executive, legislative and leadership experience that makes me the strongest candidate to be our next Mayor. This experience has given me great institutional knowledge required to understand the flawed system of Niagara Fall’s government and with my problem-solving abilities this problem will be addressed. For a role as important as mayor, our city cannot afford to have someone who wants to learn on the job. We need a mayor who acknowledges the problems facing our city rather than just ignoring them. To continue to accept the status quo will be the acceptance of a city that will never succeed. We can no longer afford to keep making the same mistakes by voting for the same type of candidates that are controlled by so many outside special interest groups.

As your next Mayor, my top priority for change is to address the many things that affects the daily lives of all the families of Niagara Falls. With a city that is struggling in so many areas, from decaying streets, broken sidewalks, dying trees and a failing infrastructure to high taxes, the daily rise of crime and lack of development and jobsI believe these are the things that we should be focusing on. My plan for change shows the specific ways that I will address each topic.

We are at a critical point in deciding the direction of Niagara Fall’s future, which I know with my leadership and experience I could help write the next successful chapter for our city. In the past voters have seen firsthand what happens when responsibility and power isn’t matched with effort. The voters should know that what you see is what you get with the other candidates.

Niagara Falls needs a Mayor who is one of us, Niagara Falls needs a Mayor who knows what it is to work hard every day to provide for their family, Niagara Falls needs a Mayor who understands business and understands with every bad decisions our city leadership makes it could affect all the businesses of Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls needs a Mayor who will pick up the phone and go to bat for every resident, not just the powerful few who have bought our government. Niagara Falls needs a Mayor who will keep his promises. With Choolokian the wait is over.

When I am elected as your next Mayor, our residents can rest assured my passion, professionalism, and dedication to Niagara Falls will send us into a new direction of success.

On November 5th  I humbly ask you for your vote for Mayor City of Niagara Falls

Remember: Choolokian is Your Only Chance for Change.


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