Choolokian Blasts Restaino: “Rumors Begin to Circulate”

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By: Glenn A. Choolokian

Are you unsatisfied with the political landscape of Niagara Falls? If so, I have some interesting news:Rumors began to circulate throughout the city of Niagara Falls that there are some local people and out of town groups that are trying to buy the upcoming Mayoral Election.

These groups are trying to convince the local Niagara Falls Republican committee to allow Robert Restainoto run on the Republican line. Mr. Restaino is a Democrat and is one of the candidates running on the Democrat line for mayor. These local people and groups are trying to gain every possible advantage to sneak out a win for their own personal gain. These people and groups are trying to make sure that you the citizens of Niagara Falls do not have a choice on who will become the next mayor of our city.

By allowing Mr.Restaino, a democrat, to run on the Republican line this will cause a primary for the Republican Party. These special interest groups are trying to give Mr.Restaino an advantagein the upcoming Mayoral Election by giving him a chance to secure both major party lines.

The right to elect local leaders is about having a choice in our representation. This process should be all about transparency and openness.Certainly, it may not guarantee good elected leaders, but it allows people to choose their own elected officials.Local elections should be about accountability and responsibilities held by all the authorities that oversee this entire process.The leadership of theRepublican Partyneedsto motivate the Republican Committee to change the system from within and allow the voters of Niagara Falls to have a real choice in the upcoming November General Mayoral Election.

Are these rumors true? Only time will tell.

As the only announced Republican candidate for mayor I am very excited as the petition process begins on February 26th. I am looking forward in seeing all the familiar faces that have supported me for so many years in the past. I am also looking forward to welcome those who are new to the Choolokian Team. My campaign has always been focused on YOU – the hard-working families of Niagara Falls.With your help we will make this campaign a success.


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