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FDR’s View of Public Service Unions Differs Vastly From What They Are Today

FDR’s View of Public Service Unions Differs Vastly From What They Are Today

President Franklin Roosevelt, a friend of private-sector unionism, drew a line when it came to government workers. “Meticulous attention should be paid to the special relations and obligations of public servants to the public itself and to the Government,” he said in http://southbuffalonews.com937. “The process of collective bargaining, as usuallyRead More

City tourism office won’t get NTCC monkey off our backs  

  At least publicly, Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster has sung the praises of the shadowy and secretive Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp., and its’ CEO John Percy. The NTCC benefits from nearly $2 million a year in city money, with around $900,000 coming from bed tax collections and anotherRead More

Maria Brown is the city's longtime controller. She is responsible for overseeing the city's finances and serves at the will of the mayor and the council. 
If the position were elected, as it is in many cities, the office would be independent of the political whims of spendthrift officials. An elected controller cannot propose to spend money but can oppose the spending on the grounds that it is irresponsible.
An appointed controller has to be concerned about calling out her bosses - the mayor and council - on being wasteful.
In the highest taxed city in the highest taxed state, it makes sense to have an independent, elected controller who can fearlessly put the brakes on the spending that has hit this city like a plague.

Reporter’s Call For An Elected City Controller Meets With Rousing Support

  The Reporter has written any number of articles in the past calling for changes in city government, but never – never – have we received such an immediate and supportive response as our column last week where we called for the city controller position to be made an electedRead More

Taxpayers get cold shoulder on ice pavilion transparency   

Taxpayers get cold shoulder on ice pavilion transparency  

The city recently announced that it’s accepting RFP’s (requests for proposals) to operate Sal Maglie Stadium. In a Gazette article of December 27, Mayor Dyster said, “We don’t regard the direct operation of Sal Maglie as a cash cow…It doesn’t have the income possibilities as something like the Hyde ParkRead More

Smith charges politics in  Planning Board ouster   

Smith charges politics in Planning Board ouster  

  It’s politics as usual at the City Hall of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster. That’s the charge of Rick Smith, who has served on the city Planning Board for the past nine years, six as its chairman. Smith ran for city Council in November on a platform critical ofRead More

Mcnall Named Supreme Court Law Library Trustee

LOCKPORT—Wm. Keith McNall, who became chairman of the Niagara County Legislature in January, added a new title today: law library trustee. The news of McNall’s appointment came in a letter from the chief administrative judge of the New York State Unified Court System, naming the long-time public fixture to theRead More

The taxpayer subsidized housing in Beloved Community cost about $300,000 per unit to develop. This shows that the poverty industry can be very lucrative for builders and developers.

Housing Authority a Key Player in Commodification of Human Services

Perhaps no agency has benefitted more from the commodification of poverty in Niagara Falls in recent years than the city’s Housing Authority. Created in http://southbuffalonews.com942 to provide housing for soldiers, sailors, Marines and others involved in the war effort, the agency has evolved through the years to provide not onlyRead More

Touma gets the chair, Grandinetti gets the bum’s rush…again

Touma gets the chair, Grandinetti gets the bum’s rush…again

(The Reporter’s resident feminist, Anna Howard, says the ‘woman was denied’) The city council held their 20http://southbuffalonews.com6 reorganization meeting today, January http://southbuffalonews.com, 20http://southbuffalonews.com6. And, as we feared, the male dominated council decided to let current chairman, Andrew Touma, remain in the big seat for 20http://southbuffalonews.com6.  As the saying goes, we’reRead More

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