Candra Thomason City Council Candidate Standing for You – September 12, 2017 Primary

By Candra Thomason

As the September 12th Niagara Falls City Council Primary draws near, I would like to remind those that saw my announcement earlier this year and inform those that missed it, that I Candra Thomason am running for Niagara Falls City Council.

Now More than ever before the City Needs your help because YOUR VOTE COUNTS!  As many of you, I am highly and genuinely concerned about the many problems our community continues to face.  Clearly, we are in dire need of good leadership and teamwork. I will make wiser and more prudent decisions by collaborating with our current and other newly elected officials to address and focus on making decisions to spend tax dollars on the Basic Quality of Life necessities we deserve. Focusing on taking care of our residents and businesses first. Your voice will be heard once I am elected.

Between the Seneca Casino and the Power Authority Monies, our city has seen the greatest influx of revenue since the loss of our manufacturing jobs. Many opportunities have been missed and most of it centers around the misuse of the Seneca Casino Funds. Instead of using the money wisely they squandered it away on pet projects that have done little to improve the economic climate which should have provided plenty of good paying jobs.

Moving forward without Seneca Casino revenues is not an option; We must negotiate with the Seneca Nation with or without the state. The 2013 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which is basically a legal agreement between the State and the Seneca Nation is devoid of safeguards for our City.  Specific language should have included the continuation of payments beyond 2017. We still provide Police, Firefighters, water etc. All our elected officials should have read the MOU thoroughly and recognized that the lack of continued payments as a huge red flag.

As a former city council member, I made it a priority to read all contracts thoroughly and asked for advice when needed, this would not have happened under my watch. My experience, education and background in business management, accounting, and public relations provide me the expertise needed to closely review the City Budget including contracts and resolutions. I recommend all Request for Proposals (RFP’S) for development and building etc. include the use of local labor and all necessary requirements.

It is well known that we live in one of the highest taxed cities in the state and now the highest crime rated city.  It is imperative that we work together to reduce the property tax burden on all homeowners and businesses. We must stop punishing those who take care of their properties with higher assessments. As your city council member, I will explore ways to make our city clean, safe, and a place we are once again proud to live in and call home. We must explore ways to work with other government entities that will help make our streets safer for all that live and visit here.

We must also prioritize and attract new business opportunities that will ultimately provide new and lasting job opportunities to all.  Many of our elected officials promise to change the way government operates. Once they are elected, their promises are broken and with it, more years of economic stagnation and ruin continue.

Fiscally responsible and accountable government is to be maintained by the City Administration and the City Council that we vote for. I am highly committed to transparency and addressing all issues, concerns and questions our residents and businesses may have.

The taxpayers of Niagara Falls have suffered for far too long. Our current elected officials have fallen short. It is time for new leadership to stand up and speak out for our great city. With hard work, your help, and your input, we can get Niagara Falls moving in the right direction; and that is a promise that I, Candra Thomason, intend to keep. I am readily available to all. Please feel free to call me on my cell at 716-870-5965 at any time or my office 716-205-8860.

I respectfully ask for, and appreciate, your vote and I look forward to working together with our other elected officials as I Stand Up and Speak Out for You!


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