While Canadians campaign to declare Niagara Falls ‘eighth Wonder of the World’, New York seeks welfare subsidies

Niagara Falls, Ontario -With support from government officials, businesses and residents, a campaign called, ‘#Claimthe8th’ has been launched in Canada, with the goal of trying to prove that Niagara Falls and the surrounding regions of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Twenty Valley, St. Catharines and Niagara’s South Coast should be called “the eighth world wonder.”

A poll by Ipsos Reid found that 78% of Canadians like the idea, which is being pushed by Niagara Tourism officials, and 75% already view Niagara Falls as a world wonder.


Niagara Falls New York is too busy feeling sorry for itself, to ever make a success of itself. Losers.

Canadians are proud of their waterfalls and over the years have learned to make their City of Niagara Falls successful and a treasure of the nation.

On our side of the border, we have a ghost town with the exact same name.

Niagara Falls, Ontario is different.

They did not lose control of their waterfalls and tourism industry to Albany, but kept the management local through the Niagara Parks Commission. They did not sign away their rights to their hydro power for 100 years, like Niagara Falls New York did to Albany; They did not give the rights to gaming to a foreign nation – the Seneca Nation of Indians– but kept gaming for themselves.

When they learned that the Maid of the Mist was cheating them, they kicked them out and picked up $300 million more.

Niagara Falls, New York fought to protect the family that underpaid taxpayers (although they paid the politicians). And gave the Glynn family 30 more years on their contract at 1/5th the rent competitors were willing to pay.

 While our leadership here squanders its assets (the mayor blew through more than $150 million in casino cash) and kowtows to Albany, Niagara Falls. Ontario is looking upwards.

Jody Larose, executive director of the Tourism Partnership of Niagara, said,  Niagara Falls Ontario is a “globally known icon of the world. … We are calling on local residents and Canadians to show their support by joining the conversation and sharing why they too want to make Niagara Canada the 8th Wonder of the World.”

The campaign continues until the end of August with online discussions and social media interaction. Canadians can show their support by voting online at research.net/r/Claimthe8th.

 New Yorkers should show their poverty of mind by telling themselves how hard they have it and how poor they are and now difficult it is to rise out of their doldrums for after all, this is Niagara Falls.

And nominations are in order, for NIagara Falls New York to be the 9th wonder of the world: A place so pitiful, corrupt ans stupid that they share the same waterfalls as Ontario and yet, unlike Ontario, Niagara Falls has managed to stay dead broke.

And that’s a wonder.

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