CAMPAIGN GAMES: Wojtaszek Signs Destroyed, Will Benedict Campaign Condemn?

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By: Staff Reports

Caroline Wojtaszek, the current District Attorney and candidate for Niagara County Court Judge, issued a post on Friday, May 8th, 2020, detailing the destruction of one of her political signs. The statement read,

“Our campaign is beyond thankful for the hundreds of individuals and businesses that have put a sign up on their property. Today, one of those signs was violently destroyed with a vehicle in Lockport. Political signs are residents way of voicing their beliefs. This campaign condemns the destruction of political signs and challenges our opponent to do the same.”

Upon being reached for comment, the Wojtaszek campaign stated that the sign was located on Davidson Road in Lockport. The vehicle used to strike the sign is said to be a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

The Niagara Reporter further learned from sources in Lockport City Hall that a complaint was made to the Corporation Counsel’s Office earlier this morning by a highs-ranking member of the Michael Benedict for County Court Judge Campaign regarding the legality of the same sign.

Is it a coincidence the same sign was destroyed later that same day? We will let you decide.

As of 8:00pm, the Michael Benedict for County Court Judge campaign has not issued a statement condemning destruction of signs after being challenged to do so by the Wojtaszek campaign.

The Niagara Reporter will keep you updated as the situation progresses.


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