Caiden’s Ride Makes $11,000 Donation to 3rd Annual Pediatric Cancer Awareness Walk

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Led by April Robertson, Caiden’s Ride Makes $11,000 Donation to 3rd Annual Pediatric Cancer Awareness Walk Led by ‘Baby Shawn’


By: Nicholas D. D’Angelo

Managing Editor

One day before the 3rd Annual Pediatric Cancer Awareness Walk was to take place I had the privilege of meeting an incredible group of people who traveled more than ten hours – many on motorcycles – to support ‘Baby Shawn’ Kennedy.

The group was led by their fearless leader, April Robertson, a co-founder of ‘Giddy Up! Kids Kicking Cancer’s Butt,’ who is also battling cancer herself.

From January 21st to August 31st ‘Caiden’s Crusaders’ joined together in a mission to raise funds and spread awareness for pediatric cancer on behalf of a boy in April’s community – Caiden – who passed away from cancer as well as April’s cousin who passed away from pediatric cancer, Ethan Smith.  It was then that ‘Caiden’s Ride,’ which consisted entirely of planning, several fundraisers, and gathering friends to travel to Niagara Falls for the 2018 Pediatric Cancer Awareness Walk, was born.

What she was able to accomplish in that short period of time for a little boy who she had only met once before for five minutes is nothing short of heroic.

Unsurprisingly, April gives the credit to her incredible friends and family that accompanied her on the trip: Brian, Lynn, Tim, Arthur, Ellen, Dennis, Tracie, Robert, Brenda, Drina, Dave, Ralph, Melissa, Rich, Pam and Sean.

“She is our rock and inspiration,” said Drina Ramsdell. “Despite all of the pain she lives with going through cancer herself, April shows us each and every day what true strength and passion is.”

With an official contribution of $11,348.86, April and her group of ‘Caiden’s Crusaders’ have undoubtably left their mark on the Niagara Falls community.

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