By Randy Palladino

There are no better stories on the evening news than the Made in America special assignment segments on ABC World News.
We need look no further than a mirror to find a major part of the blame for any economic problem this country faces. Despite constant reminders that significant parts of the United States are economically depressed, face high unemployment and are suffering through bleak economic times, we, as a nation, still fail in large part to support US companies that employ US citizens and produce goods made… wait for it – in the United States. It is a point made very public time and again when high profile purchases are made from foreign companies operating outside the borders of the Unites States. Everything from clothing and produce to steel, bridges, furniture and electronics are imported and purchased from China, Southeast Asia and Mexico on a daily basis.

But lately, especially coming out of a busy few months of purchasing, it is refreshing to see a number of products proudly marked Made in America. From flatware to frying pans, boots and gloves to major automobile companies, everyday products we used to import from overseas, are now all made right here in the United States employing Americans who in turn spend their income in our local communities.

There were at least three major news stories this week about huge corporations bringing jobs and investments back to this country. It is always heartwarming to see a story that takes place in a small town in Ohio or Pennsylvania making quality goods with the Made in America label. Volvo, Toyota and Mazda are all building billion dollar factories in the United States to produce their cars – once made abroad – to employ thousands of Americans.

We fortunately have a store focused on American-made products in our own backyard. Now in multiple locations around Western New York, the Made in America store is packed with quality merchandise ALL made in America. From hats and shirts, to sandals and wind chimes, summer wear to winter protection, the Made in America store can outfit you from head to toe. From home goods to hardware, groceries to games, they make it easy to buy American.

In addition to these convenient outlets, there are hundreds of American companies online offering for purchase thousands of products all Made in America by American hands.

We and we alone have the power to change our economy. We need not wait on an incompetent Congress or count on our President to make the necessary changes to build this country to greatness once again. We need not look beyond a mirror to see who can choose to purchase goods made in this country by our neighbors, and refuse to purchase an inferior good made overseas.

We possess the power every time we decide whether or not to purchase that imported product. Take a close look. There are thousands and thousands of quality products made in the United States by US citizens. Buy American – the job you save may be your own.

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