By J. Gary DiLaura

When Saddam “Insane” Hussein convinced the United States and our allies that he was in possession of weapons of mass destruction and would use them against us, what did our President do? He killed the bastard and wiped out his regime and army, and did what he swore to do…he protected, defended and preserved his country!

“But Saddam lied”, you say, and he didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. Well, Saddam played Truth or Consequences and LOST! You see, weapons of mass destruction are a real thing, not a computer game and if a president played the games, these dictators, supreme leaders, and in general tyrants play, he will get some of us killed. Now, if we could decide who those victims should be …maybe it wouldn’t be so bad…but we can’t! So, it could easily be you or me or our kids!

I believe that Kim Jung-Un has convinced the United States that he has weapons of mass destruction, and has convinced me, at least, that he intends to use them against us and our allies.

What’s the next step? If you want to wait and see if this nut-bag is playing Truth or Consequences and  see if he really can launch an H -Bomb to your doorstep, as long as you are a very long distance from me …give me your name, address and I’ll send Kim an email with your info and tell him that you dare him and you said that ‘Kim is a girl’s name,’ and his parents were a mule and a donkey and they gave birth to a ‘Jackass’.

If Kim really detonated an H- bomb as he says…it’s a VERY big techno game changer. An A bomb is a fission device like the bombs used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in August, 1945. Eighty thousand people died in Hiroshima and 70,000 in Nagasaki, INSTANTLY! Some 192,000 people died total from the detonations and radiation. The ‘smaller’ of the two bombs was the Hiroshima bomb (Little Boy) which yielded 16 kilo-tons from 2…that’s TWO pounds of U-235!!!

An H- Bomb is a fusion bomb which uses an A-Bomb as its detonator! That should scare you, as it is that much more powerful than an A Bomb!

If Kim were to detonate an H-Bomb, 180 miles in the air, over the west coast, as an EMP device it would kill the Electric Grid probably over the entire West Coast and 1/3 of our Nation’s Grid would go “down” as would every airplane within its “influence” range, including military planes!  Your generators won’t work, neither will your pumps, cars, trucks, electric medical devices. If he gets off three, he could kill about 90% of our Grid. We would be without power for years … medicine, refrigeration, food, natural gas, propane…everyone dependent on insulin would die in 3-4 months. About a dozen or so critical, huge, transformers that cannot be built in the US and take two years to build in the best of times, as well as millions of pole transformers, will melt!

The thing we have to keep in mind is this: If Kim could fire an H-Bomb, on a missile, from a portable launcher, set up on a commercial tanker, 100 miles off our shores, would he?! That’s 20 minutes out! Are you willing to take that chance?! He doesn’t need an ICBM capable of leaving our atmosphere, traveling in space, then re-enter and detonate 180 miles up. That is all a distraction…in my opinion! He will launch from ships off your coasts! There is no possible defense for that!!!  If you don’t think he could get that close…think about how close he got to two US Destroyers with a tanker and a container ship! Were those “tests”?

The President must obtain  Congress backing to  launch preemptive strikes on North Korea, and  consider a Declaration of War, to knock out Command  and Control Structures, known launch sites, airfields, nuclear sites, locations of Kim, leaders, soldiers…an all out attack to totally disable North Korea, period! Stop, search or sink all ships leaving North Korean ports no matter what the flag!!!Do what we can for South Korea but…America comes first…put a temporary halt for inspection on all ships approaching our coasts, sink or board any ships within 500 miles that refuse to stop!!!


Prepare to defend yourselves as we must go on the offensive…N. Korea is for real!!! My Opinion…

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