Brian Higgins has Republican Challenger for Congressional Seat; Meet Rick Donovan

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Most people probably don’t know that US Rep. Brian Higgins [D] has an opponent this year. His name is Rick Donovan, a Republican.

The district, like most congressional districts, has been heavily gerrymandered to ensure one party always wins.

The 26th NY is gerrymandered so that a Democrat always wins.

So Donovan has an uphill. some would say impossible battle.


Rick Donovan


But in the interest of knowledge, of choice and fairness, here is Donovan’s press release on the race and his bio, provided by his campaign.

This November 3rd, voters in the 26th Congressional District of New York will decide who they want to represent them going forward

Incumbent Congressman Brian Higgins (D) will be challenged by opponent Rick Donovan (R)

Congressman Higgins has served since 2005. If re-elected Higgins will finish the new term with 17 years served, and nothing to show for it.

Donovan is the fresh face the 26th district of New York wants, and needs. Donovan is the endorsed Republican, with Conservative and Independent party backing him this November.

Donovan is a retired Corrections Officer who believes this country needs to respect the rule of law. If elected, Donovan pledges to support the FUNDING of law enforcement. As a former CO, Donovan like many of us was troubled by the video of the George Floyd incident. That is why Donovan will also plan to put money aside to help police academies better equip and train the future men and women of law enforcement.

Current Congressional Member for NY26 Brian Higgins.

He also believes that Western New York is in dire need of more trade jobs. When elected to congress Donovan will propose a bill to receive funding for a “mega trade school”. He plans to make the school a staple of Western New York attracting thousands of students from all over the state. Not only will this attract more money to our local economy, but Western New York will be the new leader in trade jobs such as plumbing, electrical, auto mechanics, construction, etc.

Donovan is also a strong believer in term limits. Unlike Congressman Higgins who if reelected will have served for nearly two decades, Donovan pledges to serve no more than ten years. Not only will this save the taxpayers money, but it also opens the door to new fresh faces who will serve the community, and not themselves.

Donovan is the clear choice for a better prosperous America. He is a man who genuinely has the voters’ interest in mind. This November is going to decide the future of America, do not miss your opportunity to help put a good man in congress.

Statement from Rick

“Thank you for reading. Friends, me and my campaign cannot do this alone. We have a very tall challenge ahead of us. We are just about two months out. I believe in a free, righteous America. With your help and donations we can make this possible together. You are not obligated to give anything, but if you are able to help support our campaign please do.

“There are two ways to give. Under the “about” section on my Facebook page titled “Donovan for Congress” you will find a link to my Pay Pal account.

“If you are old fashioned like myself, then another option is writing a check to: Friends of Rick Donovan PO Box 61 Cheektowaga NY 14225.

“I am not doing this for myself, but for each and every voter in the 26th congressional district of New York. Thanks again!”

-Rick Donovan for NY 26

The congressional district for NY26.

Here is Donavna’s bio from his campaign:

Ricky Donovan Bio

Rick Donovan was born in 1958, and has spent all of his life in the Western New York region. Rick’s mother spent years serving her community in local hospitals as a registered nurse, and his father helped shape Western New York as a steelworker with Bethlehem Steel. Following in his father’s path, Rick gained an interest in trade jobs. As a teen Donovan started his first job as a press operator. Going to school in the morning and working in the evening to help support his family was life for Rick. Rick knows the meaning of hard work. Graduating from Seneca Vocational High School with a machinist degree, he later went on to ECC for mechanical engineering. Donovan entered his first major job working as a computer & numerical control machinist. Shortly after, Rick grew an interest in doing more to help his community and his nation. Donovan enlisted into the US Military. Serving in the Army Reserves 98th division from 1978-1984, Donovan worked his way up to the role of drill sergeant. Donovan continued serving his nation selflessly in the National Guards 152nd National Battalion from 1986-1995. After leaving the military Rick gained an interest in continuing to serve his community. In 1996 Ricky Donovan became the City of Buffalo Independence Party chairman serving that role until 2005. In the year 1997 Ricky Donovan ran for Lovejoy Councilman. Rick spent his time fighting for the removal of the Garbage Removal Fee. In 1999 he ran for councilman at large for one of three seats. Although coming in fourth, many of his ideas and talking points included reducing the council from thirteen seats to nine which later happened. He pushed funding for a new city park, and also decreased the city councils 13 seats down to the current number of 9 seats. Ricky believed and still believes to this day that big government is an intrusion on the everyday citizen. In the years 2009-2011 Donovan was elected to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Erie County Independence Party. As IP Vice Chairman Donovan fought for term limits, and will continue to bring up the idea of term limits while serving in congress. Rick is the true independent voice that the 26th district needs in Washington, not a partisan loyalist such as his opponent. While serving the Erie County Independence Party, Ricky also worked at Albion Correctional Facility as a correctional officer. Now with one son, three daughters, and three grandchildren, Rick Donovan is ready to fight one last time for the community he has lived in since birth.

Plans for NY-26

If elected to congress Ricky has promised to fight day in and day out for the constituents of the 26th congressional district of New York. Starting with gaining funding for a “Mega Trade School”. Donovan believes trade jobs need to make a come back in this country. The industry has many openings nationwide, but no bodies to fill them. Donovan also promises to fund projects to fix our deteriorating park systems. While fixing our parks, Donovan would also fight to keep teens off of the streets by providing more funding for afterschool programs. There is also an attack on law enforcement throughout America. Rick has supported, and will continue to support the FUNDING of our brave men and women who aim to serve and protect our community. Taking care of first responders is a priority for Donovan. That is why like many other members of congress, Donovan pledges to support the Fireman’s Cancer Bill as well as any form of legislation that helps our wonderful First responders.

As a Veteren himself, as well as a loyal American Legion Member for the past twenty six years, and served as Commander from 2002-2003 at the Lackawanna Post 63. Donovan also promises to fight day and night to ensure that our veterans are neglected no longer. Donovan knows what the citizens of New York’s 26th congressional district need to succeed, and if given the opportunity to serve, Donovan promises to never stop fighting for WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT!

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