BREAKING: Niagara County Bear’s Adventure Might Be Coming to an End

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Photo courtesy of James Horton



The adventure of a bear who captivated the hearts and attention of residents throughout Niagara County over the past few weeks might be coming to an end.


James Horton, who lives on Foxberry Drive in Amherst, called the police earlier this morning to report a bear that was in his backyard.

After receiving the call, police searched the area and ultimately found the bear.

It is believed that this is the same bear that was struck by a vehicle near North French Road in Amherst a little over a week ago, which would explain the injuries.

It is unknown at this time what the police planned on doing after “cornering” the bear, but Mr. Horton told the Buffalo News earlier this evening that it might be “the end of the bear.”


Photo courtesy of James Horton




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