BREAKING: Death Threats Against Two Teenage Girls Being Investigated in Tonawanda

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A concerned mother’s plea on Facebook for attention to a troubling situation sparks an investigation into death threats against two teenage girls


By: Staff Reporter

In the wake of the incident in North Tonawanda just over a week and a half ago that led to the arrest of four teenagers for assault, the issue of bullying has been at the forefront of many peoples’ minds.

So much so, in fact, that a demonstration planned in North Tonawanda on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020, brought more than seventy people to advocate for the end to bullying.

However, in recent days a concerned mother, Magen O’Malley, took to social media to voice her outrage over local police ignoring complaints of harassment where her daughter and step-daughter were being targeted.



O’Malley wrote, “very disappointed in our police right now. My daughter and step-daughter have been harassed since July 5th. I have reported it to the police 2x then they said they’ll call the people responsible and if it continues to come in the station this time and they’ll take care of it.”

She continued, “these just aren’t little harassing threats either they are death threats. These girl s have some demons. I’m trying to be a good parent and do the right thing but this is becoming too much. We’ve blocked 100s of fake numbers they’re using and I’ll be damned if I’m changing any of our numbers.”

O’Malley told the Niagara Reporter that there are multiple individuals targeting her 18-year-old daughter Kaylee, 14-year-old step-daughter Kaitlin, and herself beginning after an incident that took place in a McDonalds drive-thru on July 5th.

The alleged harassers are a mother, Ashley L., her daughter, and other members of their family and friends. The Niagara Reporter will not report their full names given that the incidents are still being investigated

According to O’Malley,  “we were in the McDonald’s drive-thru while Ashley and her daughter were at the light. They followed us in the drive-thru. She was behind us the whole time. Ashley started yelling things to my fiancé and myself, telling me to get out of the car and do something. She was yelling back and forth with my 14-year-old step-daughter telling her she was a cunt and that she’ll beat her ass too.”

O’Malley described to the Niagara Reporter that the root cause of this is Ashley’s anger and frustration at her fiancé. Essentially, that the fiancé chose O’Malley romantically instead of Ashley.

After the incident at the drive-thru on July 5th, O’Malley said that she, as well as her daughter and step-daughter, started receiving blocked calls, text messages from dozens of fake numbers, in addition to the daughter/step-daughter being sent messages on Snapchat.

The messages, which can be seen below, are extremely disturbing. There are messages stating that one of the daughter’s would, “die soon.” Another message reads, “I just can’t wait to shove this knife down your throat and strangle you. That’d be really fun, y’know? Not to mention all the fun we’ll have when we’re done.” A Snapchat message to the 14-year-old girl reads, “I’m coming to your fuc**** house and beaten you, you pus*y a** bitch.”



After posting on social media about her outrage with local police, O’Malley provided an update on Friday, July 10th, saying that, “the police called me then came to take our statement. I don’t know what, if anything, is going to happen but something needs to.”



O’Malley stated that her biggest concern is for her children.

“This has affected my oldest daughter by being a burden and annoyance,” said O’Malley. “My step-daughter is just trying to put it behind her and do her best to not let it affect her.”

O’Malley’s frustration is more at local law enforcement for not taking initiative as her children were being threatened.

“I was pretty upset that we were ignored in the waiting room at the police station,” she said. “I get that police are busy and this isn’t really a top priority being texts and all but when it comes to death threats I don’t think it shouldn’t be taken lightly. I would like an example made out if these children so that bullying and threatening others is not ok.”

Law enforcement would not comment on the allegations or on any ongoing investigation.


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