BOMBSHELL: Piccirillo’s Parents Supported Restaino

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Above is a page of petition signatures obtained over ten years ago in support of keeping then Judge Restaino on the bench. Notable signatures include that of Al Piccirillo (Seth’s father), Marsha Piccirillo (Seth’s mother), and Robert Kazeangian (Seth’s uncle).



By: Nicholas D. D’Angelo

Managing Editor


While Seth Piccirillo has tried to make much with the unfair targeting of Robert M. Restaino, candidate for Mayor of Niagara Falls, for events that took place fifteen years ago (when the lad was just getting out of diapers), records show that his parents, Al and Marsha Piccirillo, along with his uncle, Robert Kazeangian, and his wife, staunchly stood by the good man that they knew Restaino to be.

Yes, it’s true. Seth Piccirillo’s parents supported Robert M. Restiano; as you should also. Indeed, one rather suspects that if their son wasn’t running, his parents would be supporting Restiano.

But, of course, blood is thicker than good governance.


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