“BNFF 2017 Highlights & Opening Events”


9:00 pm
-Elements Of Matter (F, 94m)
(Q&A with cast and crew and Special Guest Holley Fain (Gossip Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Astronaut Wive’s Club)


11:30 am – FREE EVENT
-Music Videos &”The Harmony of Music and Cinema” Panel
-Blackwater (3m)
-Blue Eyes (3m)
-Only Wanna Party (3m)
-Save Me
-Stories Upon Your Lips (4m)
-The Deadly Ms. Susan Aside (5m)
-Undone By Candace Bellamy (5m)
-Plastic Flowers (4m)
-Mayur (8m)

12:00 pm
“The Harmony of Music and Cinema” – FREE EVENT
Presented by Raymond Rolak
Adding the music for any full feature or short project is a definite and defined process. It can very expensive and cost prohibitive. The object this short workshop is to motivate emerging and innovative filmmakers into building alliances with likeminded composers and music makers. These coalitions will enhance your cinema project and advance mutual goals. Talented and enthusiastic musicians and vocalists aligned with the visions of the filmmaker can enrich a production. Especially for a project that has limited budgets. The timeline and progression starts in pre-production.

2:00 pm
David Heavener Panel – FREE EVENT
David Heavener made his way to Hollywood with absolutely no experience or connections in the film industry. However, within three years David was proclaimed as one of Hollywood’s most successful indie filmmakers. David has starred with legends such as Tony Curtis and Martin Landau. Martin says, “David’s film Eye of the Stranger is one of the best-directed indie films I’ve starred in.” Now David shares his secrets of Hollywood success, including how he became an award-winning filmmaker and actor, producing and distributing hundreds of features for HBO, Showtime, USA and others worldwide.

5:00 pm
-Hitchcock Suspense Seminar – “Creating the Ultimate Suspense: Hitchcock Style”
Keeping your audience from getting bored is more vital for today’s filmmakers than ever before. Explore Jeffrey’s top techniques for heightening suspense that you can use in your next film, based on the master – Alfred Hitchcock. Modern filmmakers are loving
this new look at Hitchcock’s works in order to develop their storytelling skills and enhance their grip on their audience. This class features 10 clips from Hitchcock’s works (and related films), exploring the grammar of writing visual sentences, using your camera like a musical instrument, and bringing the secrets of suspense out of the shadows.

6:00 pm
-Dogmouth (F, 89m)
(Q & A with Special Guest and renowned winning playwright and screenwriter John Steppling (Animal Factory, 52 Pickup)



1:00 pm – Panel Discussion – FREE EVENT
“The Legal In’s & Outs about Financing and Making a Motion Picture”
Attorneys Mark A. Costello & Alan S. Lockwood will discuss fundraising dos and don’ts and will cover legal issues relating to production of a motion picture. Specifically, the attorneys will address how to prepare a private placement memorandum and what actions may be taken when raising funds through this method and other methods of raising funds. Additionally, they will address business entity selection, necessary chain of title documents, production agreements, fair use, copyright and trademark issues and any other film related issues that might be on the audience’s mind.



6:00 pm – FREE WORKSHOP – “From Concept To Completion”



4:00 pm
-Shorts Block “R”
-Buttercup (6m)
-Ceci N’est Pas Vue Animation (6m)
-Test Of Faith (35m)
-Day Trip (11m)
-Crab Trap (25m)
-Aimiee (11m)
(Q&A with cast and crew and Special Guest Nikki Moore (Sorority Row, The Babymakers, Crawlspace)

8:00 pm – FREE EVENT
The Neighbours (SH, 26m)
The Peripheral (SH, 13m)
(Q&A with Special Guest and Actress LYNN LOWRY (Shivers(1975) | Model Hunger(2016) | The Crazies(2010) – Lynn will also be available for meet and greets, photos, and autograph signing)

-Cauboi Faykand And The Wild West (Anime, 4m)
-Highly Functional (F, 85m)(Mike Starr, Judge Reinhold)
(some of the cast and crew will be present with a Q&A after the showing)




5:00 pm – Pre-Awards Day Celebration & Gathering at The Sheraton at the Falls Hotel, Niagara Falls, NY followed by a 6pm Award Celebration Announcements naming winning filmmakers, screenwriters & prizes with many High-Profile Special Guests and Industry Leaders in attendance along with a few surprises

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