Why Was Black African American Section removed from Niagara Falls Library?

Black Studies Section in the Niagara Falls Public Library

Black Studies Section in the Niagara Falls Public Library

By Charles from Niagara Falls

I was in the doctor’s office and just happened to pick up the paper, and it seems like you were sticking up for black people in Buffalo. Police are killing their dogs for petty weed that they find in their house.

I’m contacting you because they took the African American section out of the Niagara Falls Public Library.

Could you write a story on that and go ask the public library in Niagara Falls why they removed the African American section?’

I asked one of the librarians there; she said because it makes it easier for them.

This is called the Niagara Falls public library.

So she should have been making things easier for the public.

Now black people don’t know where to find the African American authors. It was easier for us when they could be found in one section.

So can you do a story on that? And can you call and ask them why?

Thank you. I know you’re not a racist newspaper.

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