Bills in Shambles, Face Another Early Exit

I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to say the Bills are a hopeless franchise without sounding like a broken record.  But unfortunately, the truth is the truth, and Sunday’s 35-25 loss to the Redskins says it all.  This franchise is the worst in sports.

I never bought in to the Rex Ryan preseason hype, figuring early on that it was pretty much a bad choice given his losing credentials but one that the bean counters that still run things in Orchard Park thought would be great way to sell tickets.  They were right and so was I.

Rex Ryan is a likable chap but not much of a football coach, as his record suggests.  He is a snake oil salesman who can charm folks but he can’t control his players or manage a football game.  And there’s not much over him, given GM Doug Whaley’s draft record and bean counter Russ Brandon still close to ownership even though Wilson is gone.

I’m also tired of hearing all the talk about the talent on this team because I’m not convinced it is there.  Overrated is my take.  The defensive line is an example.  Sure, there have been injuries but that’s football.  Dareus and the rest are paid a fortune and are not worth a fraction of their big money given the way they performed this year.

LeSean McCoy is an okay back but his best years are behind him.  He’s injury prone and lacks the breakaway ability to be a game changer at this stage of his career.  Forget ground and pound and throw the ball.  No, the Bills don’t have Big Ben or Tom Brady behind center, but Tyrod Taylor is the best they have had in years, which, of course, isn’t saying much.  But he’s probably the best option going forward so build around him.

The problem right now, of course, is that there are too many problems to fix even if there was someone around the Bills who knew what they were doing.  Whaley and Ryan had no answers this season after all that sweet talk last summer.  The franchise is in chaos, the coaches are fighting and pointing fingers, and ownership is clueless and weighed down with the big contracts for non-performers like Ryan and the defensive line.

The sad truth is the Bills are a long way from a playoff team, and are pretty much a good bet to make it http://southbuffalonews.com7 straight years missing the playoffs next season barring a miracle.  Who in their right mind would pay a dime to go watch Buffalo host Dallas next Sunday at the Ralph?  Talk about a meaningless game, this is a dream matchup.  Both teams have their bags packed and are looking for the bus.  At least the Cowboys might get Tony Romo back next year but Buffalo fans are looking at more of the same.

There were a couple of moments this season when I actually thought maybe the Bills might be heading in the right direction, but the lack of production from the big names and the undisciplined play of all of them quickly brought me back to reality.  There’s nothing to cheer about with this mess and there’s no reason to believe it will get fixed anytime soon.

There you have it, sports fans.  Nothing to cheer about at One Bills Drive and very little to look forward to except some ceremonial house cleaning to try and convince fans that the problems have been solved and to get their season tickets early.  Poor Rex, he went from bad to worse coming here from the Jets who have turned it around now that he’s gone.

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