Batavia Downs Gaming/WROTB Presents Niagara County With Community Development Contribution

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This week, leaders from Batavia Downs Gaming and Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation (WROTB) joined Niagara County leaders to present a significant community development contribution to Niagara County.

As the only municipally owned and operated gaming facility in the state, Batavia Downs Gaming/WROTB is not only a strong economic driver for Niagara County, but it provides critical funding for community development which creates jobs, keeps Niagara County families safe and helps to offset tax increases for residents. Since its inception, Batavia Downs Gaming/WROTB has generated over $235 million to 17 municipalities and $20.3 million to Niagara County. Today’s contribution of $178,818 from Batavia Downs Gaming/WROTB’s year-to-date earnings is the highest amount given to Niagara County in 20 years. Batavia Downs Gaming/WROTB had their highest quarterly earnings of $1.7M just this past quarter.

“We are proud to have such an important role in growing Niagara County and are thrilled today’s contribution is the highest amount given to Niagara County in 20 years,” said Henry F. Wojtaszek, President/CEO of Batavia Downs Gaming WROTB. “Thanks to our success, we are able to reduce the tax burden, help fund our local schools and ensure our law enforcement officials have the tools they need to keep us safe.”

“We are grateful to have such wonderful partners in the Niagara County Legislature,” said Ryan Hasenauer Director of Marketing. “Our success is truly a team effort and we are proud to work for an organization whose contributions can be seen and felt across Niagara County and all of Western New York.”

Batavia Downs/WROTB is owned and operated by 15 Western New York counties and the cities of Rochester and Buffalo, Western Regional Off-Track Betting Corporation is a public benefit corporation with headquarters in Batavia, NY. WROTB owns and operates 19 branches, as well as Batavia Downs Gaming, a standard bred racetrack and gaming facility. Since its inception, Western Regional OTB has generated over $235 million in operating and surcharge revenues to the taxpayers of those participating municipalities.


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