Barbara Rodgers Announces Bid for NF School Board

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“It’s time we put education back in the hands of the educators.”

This is what Barbara Rodgers believes will help move the Niagara Falls School District into the future. Rodgers declared her candidacy for one of two vacant seats via social media on February 15. “Look at the state and federal levels. You have politicians and business moguls telling teachers how to teach. That’s just wrong. Those of us “in the trenches” have a much clearer idea of what needs to be done to improve America’s public schools.”

Rodgers retired from the Niagara Falls City School district after 25 years in 2015.  Her educational background spans over 34 years. She has worked in private and public schools in Western New York. She taught at Abate, Niagara Street, GJ Mann, LaSalle High School and NFHS. She has worked as a librarian and elementary teacher.

“I believe we need to regain control of the skilled trades curriculum. Our students spend up to 90 minutes each day being transported to and from BOCES. We’re wasting valuable teaching time that can’t be recouped. Every requirement for each school is crammed into half a day. We send them as juniors. That’s too late. We need to start them on this path as freshmen. By working with the local trades unions, they’ll graduate with a diploma and a job at the end of four years. It’s a win-win.”

Rodgers is a USAF veteran, having served as a Personnel Specialist, and was a member of the Military Airlift Command Color/Honor Guard. “I believe my service will add another layer to my experience.”

Another item on Rodgers’ agenda is Safety. “I served on the district-wide safety committee as a representative from NFT Local 801. The safety of everyone in every building is paramount to having conducive learning environments.” She believes there are not enough school safety officers, especially on the Prep and High School levels, and wants to see an increase in School Resource Officers.

Mental Health is also on her radar. “Too many of our students don’t have the skills to prepare them for life. Many are disenfranchised, homeless, or have lost hope. We need counselors and social workers in every building, and on every grade level at the Prep and High Schools.”

She is interested in hearing what you have to say. “You are the stakeholders. It is your children and grandchildren we are tasked with teaching.” She is planning some “meet and greets” at local establishments.  The public is encouraged to visit her Facebook page, “Barbara Rodgers for Niagara Falls School Board” for the schedule, and to ask questions, or to leave feedback.

Rodgers is a life-long resident and homeowner. She lives in the LaSalle section of Niagara Falls. “I am a product of this district. I love this city, and the school district that shaped me into who I am. When I am elected, I will hit the ground running.”


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