We’re back and better than ever!

By Mike Hudson

I’m back. And so is the Niagara Falls Reporter.

We took a brief hiatus in order to conduct a major reorganization that Publisher Frank Parlato and I believe will propel the paper to becoming a national publication, something I’ve always dreamed of.

We’ll be back on the streets with a print edition in a few days. Tony Farina, Jim Hufnagel and I are chomping at the bit to get back in action, as is our most capable Managing Editor Chitra Selvaraj.

The Reporter was founded 17 years ago next month in order to provide an alternative to the pablum being served up by most of the establishment media here on the Niagara Frontier.

Covering politics and crime for the most part, the paper broke a lot of big stories, including the Maid of the Mist scandal in Ontario, the corruption of the former regime that controlled Laborers Local 91 here and the dodgy relationship between former mayor Vince Anello and developer Joe Anderson.

These stories and others resulted in consequences that weren’t happy for the subjects of them. And I can promise you that tradition will continue going forward.

Five years ago, I sold my interest in the paper to Frank. He made me a generous offer, one you might say I couldn’t refuse.

I’ve never regretted that decision. But the Niagara Falls Reporter is like a child of mine, and I have a father’s passion for making sure she’s OK.

She is.

Along with our sister publication, Buffalo’s Artvoice, we will continue to provide the hard hitting local reporting you’ve come to expect. In addition, we are looking forward to covering a variety of national issues that have previously been beyond our bailiwick.

It’s going to be fun. And having fun has always been a primary motivator for me in my years here.

I’m proud to have had a part in creating something that’s entertaining, informative and free for all the people of Niagara Falls. Lord knows there’s not much here that comes free, with no strings attached.

It’s good to be back.


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