Archie’s Candidacy Is About Saving You Money

By Sam Archie;


I have decided to run for City Council because of the lack of leadership and common sense. Too many times we have seen the council majority cave in to the wishes of the Mayor without asking questions. They have carelessly spent tax dollars and casino funds. I have witnessed council members silence residents who spoke to them with concerns that didn’t fit their narratives. I was infuriated when a council member told residents if they don’t like it, they can move. Enough is Enough.

I intend to bring transparency and accountability to the city council for the residents. I will not simply sit back and allow the administration to spend unabatedly. With the end of the casino compact agreement, we are about to realize the impact that this irresponsible spending will have on our city. It’s about your money.

I am a fiscal conservative who believes that the priorities of this city should include providing services that residents and businesses can use to enjoy a better quality of life.

We cannot afford extravagances like artwork that costs nearly three-quarters of a million dollars. We need money to fix our roads, our sidewalks, and to eliminate blight. It’s about your money.

We cannot listen to council members say they want to see small business grow, and then turn around and raise the tax rate.

Niagara Falls needs to negotiate from a position of power, and not as a second-rate community.

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