The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

This is easy; NY Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, NY Congressman (EVERY SINGLE ONE except, maybe, Collins), California Congresswomen Pelosi, Waters and Boxer and Senator Feinstein… it would almost be accurate and a LOT easier to just say EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT and about ½ of the REPUBLICANS currently serving!!! That’s why Steve Bannon said what he said on 60 Minutes: “It will take ‘decades’ to drain the swamp!”

When you have elected representatives running a country who NEVER had a real, productive job, business, or significant contribution to ANYTHING… conditions are ripe to “fill” a SWAMP!

When you allow a scumbag like Luis Gutierrez to insult an honored military hero like General Kelly without recourse (like a $50,000 fine by the House for Conduct unbecoming a Congressman but… typical of a “Community Organizer”), there is no morality in Congress! Gutierrez was eligible for the draft in 1971, during the Vietnam War. Somehow, he apparently wasn’t drafted nor did he enlist. How come? Why didn’t he enlist to protect the country his family ran to in 1953? The only “jobs” he ever held were Councilman, Alderman, Community Organizer, Congressman… he’s certainly fully qualified to be an “Obama-like President.” He paid his wife $400,000, paid a friend $500,000 to “train” his staff (continues to this day), and has increased his NET Worth to $1.5 mil as Congressman. All legal I’m sure! Although he’s not close to Obama’s record breaking “rags to riches” rise as President, $20 mil in 8 years ($15.6 mil from the sale of his horrible books AFTER becoming president). Amazingly… that’s the same free enterprise system Obama tried his best to destroy!!! Go figure!!!

How bad are they? Here’s an example: in the early 1970’s I was on the NY Truck Squad, a squad that worked mostly truck hijackings by John Gotti’s crew. Gotti wasn’t a “don” then, only a wannabe, smart, well-liked killer who was on his way up. He knew EVERY single agent on the squad by name and hated every one of us! What does that have to do with political corruption? Absolutely NOTHING… I’ll explain how EASY it is to make a political corruption case… all you need is a good source and some great agents!!

In the early 1970’s, Congressman John Wilson Jenrette of South Carolina was seeking contact with an oil rich Saudi Sheik. It seemed most of his “friends” had a Saudi sugar daddy, and he needed money! So, with superb skills, the agent who had the source convinced the powers to be that our squad, the Truck Squad, should open and handle the case we named ABSCAM. The squad provided surveillance help a few times, but the agents involved, especially the undercover agent, were phenomenal, pulled it off, arrested , tried and convicted MANY members of congress including Jenrette! The case became a MAJOR case because so many members of Congress were involved! The case was moved to a more glamorous location, with more glamorous supervision but was made by the Truck Squad! In 1980, Jenrette was sent to jail for 2 years for accepting a $50,000 bribe and… in 1989 was again arrested for shoplifting a tie and served another 30 days in jail!

Soon after that case, the Department of Justice, in their almighty wisdom, sent down a new DOJ regulation, we had to sign off on, REQUIRING DOJ approval before opening ANY cases on politicians! We were too successful, as the FBI was nailing many members of Congress and I guess they needed a “heads up” or to be “spotted” a head start, to make the “chase” a little more fair!!!

That’s a very TRUE story… google ABSCAM and see for yourself!

The “Lobby” in Washington is the nation’s and the world’s biggest and most influential business… correction, criminal enterprise!

President Trump is fighting a battle almost by himself AGAINST the Old Guard, Washington Lobby, a mighty force, THE SWAMP, as the President calls it!

He will only be successful if the American people cover his back, denounce the underhanded, back stabbing, well-organized, Obama-led, anti-USA groups like Obama For America, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Move On  and many, many more, financed by George Soros and others. These groups are responsible for rioting, violence, anarchy, property destruction and are getting away with it because left wing governors, mayors, and city leaders support anarchy and violence and order police to stand down! Anyone wearing a mask MUST be arrested and should be charged with a multitude of crimes and investigated to follow the money! The FBI should be the lead agency… but where are they? Our Chief Law Enforcement Officer should ORDER that a RICO case be opened!!!


Vote every left wing extremist looking to CHANGE your country out of office! The CHANGE they want is your Constitution and your rights and don’t let ANY of them tell you differently!

Eventually an investigation WILL lead to Obama… in the meantime… Congress should WITHDRAW all funding to Secret Service Protection for any former President traveling overseas for private business not requested by the President, and withdraw ALL funding to multi-millionaire former Presidents who receive public funds for all their lucrative, self serving, ego supporting endeavors being perpetrated by all former Presidents (libraries, houses to write memoirs, statues, and other nonsense projects!).

If they want to Self Promote, then SELF PAY!

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