Another Home Run for Batavia Downs Gaming


By Tony Farina

I’ve recently written several articles, including in the Buffalo News (Another Voice), about the amazing success of WROTBC/Batavia Downs Gaming in returning many millions of dollars to its member counties and cities to help reduce local property taxes since its inception 50 years ago.

The public benefit corporation supported by the cities of Buffalo and Rochester and 15 counties has been a resounding success under the leadership of Henry Wojtaszek and the current board and continues to set records from gaming revenue and hotel and entertainment returns at the very popular Batavia location just off the Thruway.

The latest numbers are a testament to how effective this public benefit corporation  is run and the mega dollars it returns to its host members, in addition to employing 400 people.

To be more specific on the latest records we can report that from July 2 through July 8, it scored the top “net win” week of all time with $1.9 million and the third best credits played week of $24.08 million.  Attendance topped 20,000 and hotel occupancy was over 80 percent.

Wojtaszek was very pleased to announce the numbers, saying we have reached a new high benchmark for play on our gaming floor “and that means local governments will get critical revenue” as a result of the efforts of the team that has been assembled at Batavia Downs/WROTBC.  Wojtaszek also noted that $930,000 will go to the state’s education fund from the return for the record-breaking week.

President and CEO of Western Regional OTB and Batavia Downs Gaming Henry Wojtaszek.

This is a public benefit corporation that delivers an amazing return.  It just continues to amaze.

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