Anonymous Person Donates $5,000 to Ten Lives Club

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By: Staff Reporter

Ten Lives Club wishes to thank anonymous angel who donated $5,000 to the cat rescue!
Ten Lives Club is hoping to reach the anonymous donor who sent a $5,000 check to help with the rescue’s new vet office as they are overwhelmed with gratitude! Rescue staff opened the mail this week and noticed the check came through as anonymous from Bank of America.
“It’s not every day that this happens and to do so anonymously is incredibly humble.
We are surprised someone would be so very generous to believe in our mission to help us out! Whoever you are, we just want you to know we’re grateful to you,” said Marie Edwards, President and Founder of Ten Lives Club.
The vet office, located behind Ten Lives Club’s main building in Blasdell, is a work in progress and community support like this large donation gets the project closer to completion. The rescue is currently in need of funds for supplies, drywall, flooring, paint and all equipment to furnish the vet clinic.
Ten Lives Club is celebrating its 20th anniversary of helping more than 35,000 cats in need. If you would like to make a donation to help Ten Lives Club, you may do so here:
Ten Lives Club has 14 locations across Western New York in Erie and Niagara Counties.



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