Amy Schumer is a foul mouthed young Jewish woman

 Below is a link to a story on Senator Charles Schumer’s niece Amy Schumer using the C Word at the Golden Globes Sunday.

A man could never get away with that but a foul mouthed Jewish female comedian can. She’s both female and Jewish… who would risk tangling with that in the media?

You may recall that this woman has been working with US Sen. Schumer on gun control.

Women can say both cunt and cock. Men can only say cock but not cunt. However if a gay man calls another gay man a cunt that is also perfectly OK.

So I guess the world now belongs to women and gay men since only they can freely say cock and cunt. The noose is drawn tighter every day around the neck of the white male.

You may also recall that Amy Schumer famously said “I can catch a dick whenever I want.” The Reporter covered that.amy-schumer-

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