Amber Hill Announces Bid for NF Council: Calls for Fiscal Responsibility”

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Amber Hill is pleased to announce her candidacy for one of the two possible positions on the Niagara Falls City Council. 

Hill was the first Native woman to run for the position of City Councilwoman in 2017, where she promoted a campaign that “Isn’t Politics as Usual”. 

With her 2019 campaign, she seems to be following right along those lines with a campaign that is “By the People, For the People”—listening to the voices of the city and giving residents a platform.

Hill is seeking to run on the Democratic Party line. She is a true believer in the democratic process, noting her desire to be the voice of Niagara Falls residents while bringing common sense back into politics. 

Hill demonstrates a strong sense of commitment and dedication to her community through her employment and involvement with local organizations. Hill is the Economic Self-Sufficiency Director at Native American Community Services (NACS). She sits on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Greater Niagara and the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center.



he is the Vice Chair for the Niagara Falls Human Rights Commission and an active member of the East Side Block Club. Hill volunteers at the Ironworkers Local 9 union hall, working closely with their Business Manager and instructors to teach Financial Literacy classes to incoming apprentices. As a member of the Teamsters Local #449, Hill is a large proponent of local unions.

Hill’s community involvement is paralleled only by her impressive athletic ability. Hill was a scholar-athlete at Syracuse University, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs while playing Division 1 Lacrosse and attending the Federation of International Lacrosse World Cup four times. Hill sits on the Board of Directors for the Haudenosaunee Nationals lacrosse team and is a 4x FIL Captain. She is a certified Section VI women’s lacrosse referee and tutors’ young athletes to further develop their skills. 

Hill is looking to bring her notable leadership capability and private sector financial background to Niagara Falls government to combat financial issues at hand. 

She is dedicated to bringing economic stimulus into the Cataract City to better local living conditions and expand the number of job options for city residents. 

Hill is calling for increased fiscal responsibility, stability, and transparency within the inner workings of the city. 

As a Haudenosaunee woman, Hill brings the opportunity for a much-needed change to the currently all-male City Council, where the vote is 4-1 non-minority. She looks forward to bringing a more well-rounded approach to the issues surrounding the city through her involvement on the Council.  Hill is committed to getting residents of Niagara Falls more actively involved in their local government through civic outreach groups to create meaningful changes; Hill stresses the importance of utilizing civic and grassroots groups as a fundamental way to influence positive change within the city.

Hill is a lifelong resident of Niagara Falls, currently residing on Portage Road with her daughter, Jordyn.


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