Ahlas Seek Seat On Lewiston Village Board

Keith “Casey” Ahlas is running for Trustee on the Village of Lewiston Board in the election to be held on Tuesday June, 21st. Ahlas was selected as a candidate during a recent caucus of Democrats from the Village.

Ahlas has been a resident of the Village of Lewiston for fourteen years. He lives with his wife Michelle and stepson Brandon. Ahlas works as an analyst  for Livingston International, one of North America’s leading providers of customs brokerage services.

Ahlas has been active in the political process, working on campaigns and helping with petitions. He previously ran for the Lewiston Town Board. “ I am a concerned citizen, who, like so many of us, has become disenchanted with the political process and how things are run,” Ahlas said. “ I am running to make a difference.”

Ahlas wants to bring more participation in Village government. He is calling for more listening from elected officials. “ My goal is to be more accessible to people and their genuine concerns,” Ahlas said.

The candidate cites the problem of the lack of parking at outdoor summer events in Lewiston, especially for people with disabilities. Ahlas is disabled himself: “ With all of the progress being made with new businesses and more visitors, this is certainly an issue that affects me directly. I try to attend as many events as I can, and my wife and I enjoy frequenting the fine restaurants and businesses we have. But adequate parking is always a struggle.”

Ahlas hopes to make a difference on the Village Board. “ I find Lewiston to be a great area to live in and raise a family and I want to contribute to that in the best way possible.”

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