The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

There is only ONE profession in the United States that does not utilize “affirmative action!” What is it? It MUST be a very important profession where only the best, most qualified people are hired… something that human life depends upon like the medical profession/ “NO”… in fact, we bring in non-English speaking, non-citizen, alien medical students who take the place of US citizens! Then how about Police and Fire? You’re not even close… there “they” lowered the mental, physical and CRIMINAL RECORD requirement standards to allow underprivileged minorities an equal opportunity!

In 1978 Judge John Curtin instituted a “quota” for minority Police and Fire applicants. He required Police Departments to ignore arrests and only look at convictions when screening minority applicants and forced the Buffalo PD to skip hundreds of higher scoring white candidates to find the highest scoring minority!

I asked Judge Curtin why he issued the Police Arrest/Record decision and the Judge said a misdemeanor conviction for a felony arrest is all that was proven and he said that they must be given the opportunity but he NEVER said they couldn’t be fired! I asked because I was directly involved in the Erie County CPS Police Cadet Training Program.

Well, if you haven’t figured out what the “profession” is where employment, salary, position of importance… EVERYTHING, is based upon ability and merit ONLY… it’s professional sports! Isn’t that unbelievable? Airlines give preference to female and minority pilots, fire departments hire people who can’t carry the previously required weight, the FBI and PDs lowered all their physical requirements from size and strength and testing methods! But not the NBA or NFL! I want to be the center for the Boston Celtics but I’m too short, too fat, too old, can’t “perform” minimum requirements (in other words, can’t do the job). NONE of those reasons will get a minority Police or FBI cadet booted out of training school… they need more training, so provide it! That’s what happens ALL THE TIME and anyone who says I’m wrong has no idea of what they speak!

So now, if I were to say, “Pro-athletes don’t have “standing” to take a knee and disrespect my flag,” I would be called a “racist”. But, if I were to say black people are better athletes than whites; that’s ok. If I said blacks are physically stronger than whites; that’s ok also. They are bigger than whites; ok again. Whites are smarter than blacks… hold it right there… “You are a racist, a bigot, you can’t stereotype black people and on and on.” Black people can have an all black TV channel, all black awards shows, even an all black caucus in Congress… but not whites! That would be racist! Guess what… those “all black” things are ALL in violation of our Constitution, so why don’t one of you Civil Liberty Lawyers do something about it?

So here’s a few non-bigot facts… 70% of the NFL is now black. 75% of all black children are raised by 1 parent families. That means 75% of all NFL black players were raised the same way.  Most black NFL players came from the inner city, underprivileged and likely joined gangs. Average pay for NFL players is over $1 million per year. NFL players seldom obtain college degrees in academically challenging fields such as math, science, engineering and more often obtain degrees in social or PT fields. That last one is my opinion and not fact checked because I don’t really care!

So here we have the epitome of hypocrisy… a nation providing minority, underprivileged, former gang banger kids, with no male influence in their upbringing, an “opportunity” that no other nation in the history of the world EVER gave anybody and these kids are protesting the American Flag that military lives were sacrificed defending, to give them the right to protest… for no freaking reason!

They have absolutely no complaints, whatsoever, having been given the unrestricted opportunity to excel to their fullest, with seemingly no hope, as a child, to be successful! I have not heard ONE of these college graduates articulate what the hell they are protesting. If they are protesting for others and not themselves then HOW MANY MILLIONS HAVE “THEY” GIVEN TO THEIR “BROTHERS,” who are going through what they went through? They can’t possibly claim they are protesting over how many blacks are shot by the police, because black males kill more black people (9,000) in a 3 year period compared to 450 people of ALL races killed by the police in the same time period!

Listen, men, don’t try thinking about anything except your playbook and meeting curfew. Many of you can’t handle that much! That’s enough on your plate!

“Colin” Kaepernick was adopted, from the ghetto, by 2 white parents and STILL became a gang banger (look at his tattoos). Went to college but failed to learn how to speak English. He doesn’t talk like a college educated person. Maybe he went to school but simply didn’t learn anything… that’s possible, isn’t it?

He then went onto become an NFL starting quarterback and then “lost the edge” and got fired. Sorry, Colin, a fitting name, but there’s no affirmative action in the NFL, which stands for “Not For Long” when you lose the edge.  Move on, get a job in your academic field (huh!), drop your purse, man up and quit looking for a scapegoat, you caused enough trouble!

The rest of you… have an opinion, but don’t bring it to work! We paid for a football stadium to enjoy football and NOT listen to ANYTHING you have to say about anything except football! We don’t care what you think… understand? By the way, “no standing” means no justifiable reason and not the opposite of kneeling! My story and I’m, sticking to it!

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