THE ACTION: Employee Suspected of Stealing $500 from Hotel Room with Guest Still Inside

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New Employee Can’t Wait Until First Payday; Suspected of Stealing $500 from Guest on First Day


The owner of a Comfort Inn Hotel on Niagara Falls Boulevard told Niagara Falls police on Friday that he believes a new employee used a master key to steal $500 cash from a guest’s room during the night on his first day on the job.

Sometime around 2:00 a.m., the male employee was left alone at the hotel’s front desk when another worker left to begin preparing breakfast.

Surveillance video shows the new employee taking a master key to the hotel’s fourth floor, at which point the video suddenly cuts off.

A short time later, a woman staying in the hotel reported seeing someone “tall and skinny” crawling across her floor to get out of the room.

She later discovered her money was missing.

The owner of the hotel told police that there were only two other employees present at the time of the theft and surveillance video shows them in other areas of the hotel.

Niagara Falls Police are currently investigating the incident.

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