A RESOUNDING VICTORY: Faso Wins Democrat, Republican and Conservative Lines

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By: Staff Reporter

The results of a three-way Primary Election for Niagara Falls City Court Judge between Jenelle Faso, Christopher Mazur, and Dominic Saraceno came to an end on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021, with Jenelle Faso emerging victorious on the Democratic, Republican, and Conservative lines.

Faso, a registered Republican, defeated Saraceno (R) and Mazur (D) on the democratic line by more than 400 votes earning a resounding victory. The margins for the Republican line (+70), and Conservative line (+18) were considerably closer.

Faso and Mazur tied on the Working Family Party line with 9 votes a piece. Absentee ballots are expected to be counted in the coming days to see who will emerge on this line.

As this is a judicial primary where candidates run on all lines, this means that Faso will appear in November’s General Election on the Democrat, Republican and Conservative lines (as of Tuesday night’s results).

The winner of the Democrat and Republican lines traditionally goes on to win in City Court races in Niagara Falls. After Tuesday night’s results, Faso is expected to be the next Niagara Falls City Court Judge.

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