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AUGUST 19 - AUGUST 27, 2014

Letters to the Editor

August 19, 2014

Andy Griffith (left) and LPD Police Chief Chris Salada (right) compared.


One of the best things about living in Lewiston is the quality of life we all enjoy. While being far more sophisticated and prosperous than the fictional town of Mayberry it still has that same friendly small town atmosphere that I remember from the Andy Griffith Show. You can't walk into a store or drive down the street without seeing a friend or neighbor. Even people you don't already know will say good morning and greet you with a smile.

There has been quite a bit of news coverage about a petition that is being circulated to hold a referendum to eliminate the Lewiston Police Department. According to its sponsor the Town will save quite a bit of money by turning over the law enforcement in our community to other outside police agencies. He hasn't presented a single hard fact or any financial figures to back up his statements and

Hasn't been able to tell anyone what the true effect of disbanding the local police force would be. Yet he continues to try to collect signatures and claims that it is all "just a matter of dollars and cents."


The Lewiston Police Department is comprised of long-time members of the community themselves. They have grown up here, gone to school here, and even raised their families here. They know our town and our residents far better than any outside law enforcement officer possibly could. They know who the good guys and the not so good guys are, and they have gained a level of trust between their officers and the public that would be impossible to ever have with others.

If you or a family member ever need the help of a police officer who do you want it to be? Would you rather have a familiar face who knows you and the community, or a total stranger who just happens to be assigned to work in this part of the county that day? Would you prefer it is someone who actually understands your issue and wants to help or another officer who just knows what it says in the book?

Like any other resident of course I don't want my taxes to go up. But for me the way my money is spent by the government is the most important thing of all. Some of the reasons I live in Lewiston is because there are excellent schools, great municipal services, and it's a safe place to work and live. No, I don't love paying taxes but I realize that some things are simply worth paying for. The Town of Lewiston Police Department is one of those things. My answer to the man who is circulating those petitions is this.

Our quality of life, public safety and peace of mind should never be "just a matter of dollar and cents."

Jerry Landon




We are about to repeat the same thing we've been doing for decades; re-elect 90% of incumbents to a congress fewer than 10% of us think is doing an acceptable job. It might be laughable, but consequences of our collective behavior include continuing national decline. What are we doing wrong? How can we change it?

We conservatives tend to cheer when Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight committee calls the committee to order. Then we're thrilled when Trey Gowdy questions a witness; "Sic 'em Gowdy." The truth is; NEITHER Issa nor Gowdy WILL EVER call for abolishing the IRS. Why? Congress needs the complex income tax and evil IRS to maintain its control and dominion over us. Income Tax + IRS = CONGRESSIONAL POWER and with it, congressional corruption. There you have it.

Our best chance of reclaiming our country and reigning in our government is an Article V Convention of States. Such a convention can propose amendments to the constitution which must be ratified by 3/4 the states to become part of the constitution. Some amendments might render common congressional behavior illegal. It's our best chance. Go to and become part of this effort in your state.

Glen E Terrell

Arlington, TX

Former NT Mayor Larry Soos was “one of the people.”

Doesn't Like Mayor Ortt

It is sad that Larry Soos is the only former Mayor of North Tonawanda in recent administrations who didn't have a hidden agenda for running for Mayor. He wanted to serve the people he had grown up with and lived among his entire life. He was and is one of us. He had to endure the trappings of a politician to get elected and isn't our Mayor now because he wasn't a member of the well-heeled and powerful nasty old party that controls most of Niagara County. He wasn't using his offices as alderman nor as mayor as stepping stones to a long term income at taxpayers' expense as a politician. He was a genuine public servant.

Since the Tonawanda News Sound Off column printed one of their anonymous vignettes telling Larry to go away, will you please print this with the request that Robert Ortt and his cohorts all go away instead.

Sign me

A disgusted resident of North Tonawanda

Tired of Whiney Letters

Defending Sex Offenders

After reading the letters to the editor for the past several weeks by people defending the "rights" of sex offenders, I have to respond. BITE ME. Sex offenders are the lowest form of sub human trash, especially pedophiles, second only to the prosecutors and "judges" that grant them plea deals to lesser charges and minimal sentences (which is the norm in Niagara County). They will and do re-offend BUT, I don't care about that; they have no place in society; one offense should get them life without parole or, preferably, execution. Whining about where they can hoo. NOT in my neighborhood...they should be in a group home next door to Violante and Farkass.

Gene Rey


I'm sure Hamister will definitely sit on that property now and what he can do to get more out of it. All for $100K.

Michael Donovan

Taxpayers Shouldn't Pay the

Tab for New Stadium

Since the NFL has gone out of its way to state that if the Bills are to be able to stay in WNY over the long term a new "state of the art" stadium has to be built and Tony Farina asks the logical question "will the taxpayer ultimately have to pay for it"? Well, it would seem right from the outset that the consultants are pretty unanimous in their opinion that in small markets like Buffalo that cannot generate the large amounts of ancillary revenue required from a large major corporate presence, higher ticket prices, higher private box fees and seat licensing, among other items, to help pay for such a facility, it is almost assured the taxpayer will have to pick up the tab. Even after years of having a team that was essentially "paid for" without any debt, Ralph Wilson continued to extract tens of millions of dollars of taxpayers money over the years to keep the team in Buffalo and there is no reason to believe the new owner who promises to keep the team in WNY would do otherwise especially when the outlay for the purchase would now probably be in excess of a billion dollars. If anything, the taxpayer demands from the new owner would probably be considerably higher going forward.

It would also be expected that when the idea of a new stadium gets in high gear and the community ultimately has to figure out how it is to be paid for, the new owner would then have considerable leverage and I would guess more than likely state that "I have already spent a considerable sum, saved the team and kept it in WNY, it is now up to you(the taxpayer) to foot the bill for a new stadium".

Ron Warren

Mississauga, Ontario

Memorial Story About Jex

Thank you for mentioning Albert's father, my first cousin Nelson's name in the article.


Richard L Jex

Jayne Park Coverage Great

The excellent articles by Frank Parlato and Mike Hudson concerning Dyster the Shyster's plans to destroy Jane Park should again whip the Island residents into employing any means possible to prevent what may actually be a criminal act. Given that some of the flora in the marsh along the Little River are endangered species, would it not be feasible to obtain an injunction against any modifications to the Park? Might it also be possible for the Island residents and other like minded persons to file a law suit against Dyster and his ilk to block any modifications to Jayne Park?

I lived on Cayuga Island from 1943 until 1968 and have fond memories of the Park and the woods that existed on both sides of Griffon Avenue for most of my childhood. Although I no longer live in Niagara Falls, I would gladly contribute to a fund to cover attorney fees should a legal process move foreward.

John Hazel

Deatsvile, AL.


To New Yorkers, the Great Lakes are a treasure. It's where we go to swim, kayak, and enjoy the summer sun.

But the Great Lakes and many other rivers across New York are at risk.

According to Environment New York Research and Policy Center's new report, "Wasting Our Waterways," New York State is ranked 15th in the nation for toxic discharges to waterways with over 5 million lbs. released in 2012.

More than 40 years ago, Congress passed the Clean Water Act to protect Lake Ontario and other waters across New York. Yet lawsuits brought by polluters have resulted in court decisions that now put 55 percent of New York's streams at risk of losing this protection.

We cannot continue to allow polluters to dump millions of pounds of toxic pollution into New York's waters. This summer, the Environmental Protection Agency is working to close the loopholes in the Clean Water Act. This could be the single largest step taken for clean water in more than a decade. But polluters are pressuring the EPA to back down.

We know waterways like Lake Ontario are a big part of what makes summer in New York so great. That's why it's critical we move swiftly to close these loopholes and restore Clean Water Act protections, so that all New York's waters get the protection they need and deserve.


Heather Leibowitz,

Director of Environment NY







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