Assemblywoman Wozniak admonished for pantless prodigies with male legislative aide

ALBANY — Following in the footsteps of her lusty predecessor, a vixenish but married assemblywoman from Cheektowaga is said to have exercised “incredibly poor judgment” by having a sordid sexual affair with her handsome male legislative aide.

She has been admonished by the oxymoron-named New York State Assembly Ethics Committee.

After an investigation by the committee into her extra curricular boudoir behaviors, the ethics panel said Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak, a Republican, violated the Assembly’s sexual harassment policy when she had an affair with her director of legislation, Elias Farah.

The relationship between Wozniak, a married mother, and Farah began consensually enough last June as they drifted from her offices to more cozy settings in hotels, backs seats of cars and other private settings.

Starting off working on legislative initiatives, the spicy lady legislator offered up a few initiatives of her own. Farah, dependent on his income from his lusty lady boss, soon succumbed and the two of them wrote a raft of new rules — for each other.

In time, Farah said he tried to break things off, but boss lady, Madame Wozniak resisted.

It grew increasingly ugly and as the wee lad tried to flee from the insatiable grip of his femdom ruler, finally, investigators said, Wozniak came clean and told her husband.

She then ended the affair with her employee, Farah, on June 28.

When the lad complained of being harassed and abused, the cheeky lady of Cheektowaga hit back banning Farah from her offices and telling the press all about him.

“The ethics committee unanimously agrees that Assembly Member Wozniak retaliated against [Farah] … identifying him by name to the press … making other statements to the press that are reasonably likely to harm the director of legislation’s reputation,” the committee wrote.

As a result of her dalliance, Wozniak is banned from employing interns, must have semi-annual “climate surveys” in her offices and re-take sexual harassment prevention training. [She flunked the first time.]

The Assembly is attempting to find a satisfying job for the once satisfied Farah, and taxpayers will pay him through February 2017 at the same salary he was making from Wozniak using her staff allotment.

Ironically, the spicy adulteress was elected in 2014 after Dennis Gabryszak, a Democrat, resigned amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Several female Gabryszak aides alleged in sexual harassment complaints that he sent explicit messages and demanded massages [which they said he never got].

After replacing him, Wozniak went on record saying she thought politicians should face stronger punishment when scandals broke. Wozniak, then 27 years old, also cast herself as an agent of change.

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Horny housewife and Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak identified Elias Farah as her toy boy employee.

And indeed she was that agent of change.

She went beyond Gabryszak’s clumsy attempts at sex and toilet level humor [no woman claimed he ever got to first base with them] to the actual bedroom and in the end terrorized her boy employee and by identifying her lover she may have ruined the career of a once serviceable assistant.



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