WNY Land Conservancy Staffer ID’s Record White Pine Tree

Image by Chloe Bennett: Erik Danielson with record-breaking white pine.


The Western New York Land Conservancy, which in the past few years has spearheaded multimillion dollar restoration projects at both Stella Niagara and the Niagara Gorge, is probably the most effective voice for the natural environment in the entire region.

Recently its Stewardship Coordinator Erik Danielson made an incredible discovery in the Adirondacks: what he believes is the largest Eastern white pine, by volume, in New York State. This 1,450 cubic foot giant is located in a remote 550-acre grove of trees, and Erik estimates that it stores 35.7 tons of carbon dioxide (the equivalent tailpipe exhaust of a car driven nearly 329,000 miles). Carbon storage is another hugely important reason to protect our oldest and largest forests here in Western New York. Read more and watch an interview with Erik at Adirondack Explorer’s website.

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