Why Trump


Why is Donald Trump so popular among the average Patriotic, American, working man and woman and feared by the main stream old guard Republicans and Democrats both?

The answer is simple! He’s just like you and me in so many ways and will make changes that are better for America, you and me but not so much for the old guard!


He does not believe in making decisions based upon Political Correctness and understands that our “old guard” political system forces Americans to make decisions based upon political correctness instead of what’s best for America or what’s best for their business. The “rules” the establishment class has made forces business people to make political type contributions, if you want to be in the game. If you want a Politician to help you, you are forced to make a “Contribution” which most people would call Blackmail. It’s the reason there is a Hobbs Act which prohibits political figures from using their official positions to obtain money from wanting Citizens, in re-turn for their help. I believe that this is exactly why Hillary and Bill created their money laundering operation called the Clinton Foundation.  I still believe that both Hillary and Bill used the Foundation to conspire to violate several Federal laws including the Hobbs Act! The FBI is investigating this and other allegations against Hillary, so we will eventually learn if or how either broke the law.

This “old guard” Washington way of doing business is one of the big things Mr. Trump intends to change and is the NUMBER ONE reason the establishment, lobby oriented, bureaucracy in WDC is deathly afraid of Donald Trump. It has nothing to do with his income taxes or lack of diplomacy or anything else. They are afraid they will lose their lobby money and retirement lobby jobs, period!

Also, there is no rule or law requiring candidates to release Tax Returns. The financial statements, which Trump released before anyone else, are the telling statements, not tax returns. Journalists who have never had a real job, have no idea how to interpret a complex or even a simple tax return and are too dumb to do their own re-turns. So, to them I say look some place else for your “smoking gun”, for something you “might” understand, like why Obama hid his college records, birth certificate and passport!

Trump not only understands that our number ONE problem is ENERGY and not CLIMATE CHANGE and will close the EPA Gestapo, which has become Obama’s PERSONAL legislative branch of the Federal government! The EPA is a major contributor to our economic plight and interestingly, the EPA is one of the MANY things that our de-ceased Supreme Court Justice Scalia called Obama on, for “violating” the Constitution by overstepping his authority! That was recently, when Obama ordered the EPA to close clean coal power plants. Justice Scalia is the Justice who died suddenly from “unknown” natural causes, at age 79, with no life threatening illnesses, with no autopsy, a quick embalming, no body fluids preserved and several mysterious marks on his body!!! To me Scalia’s death sounds like the guy who committed suicide by shooting himself in the back, twice.

In my opinion, Mr. Trump recognizes that countries like Saudi Arabia are NOT the allies they pretend to be. Do you think the price of oil has plummeted because of “supply and demand” or “turmoil in the middle East” or some other BS reason? NOT! It’s 110% due to the fact that OPEC (Saudi Arabia) doesn’t want the US (specifically, North Dakota) to use our natural resources and mine oil from the Bakken Oil Reserves, nor any other place, for that matter. They don’t want the Keystone Pipeline or any oil mining from our government owned Colorado Green River area. Why? Because we have more oil in those two oil reserves than ALL OPEC combined BUT… it’s more expensive to produce because it is in the form of shale oil and oil shale! So Saudi Arabia has successfully (if only temporally) shut down the Bakken and put thousands of N Dakota residents out of work by dropping oil price! A year ago N Dakota had 0, (ZERO), Nada, NO unemployment and the average salary for the entire state was over $60,000.00 per year and doing over 1 million barrels per day! Now they’re down to almost nothing. If that doesn’t prove we MUST put a “leash” on the environmentalists and use all our natural resources sensibly, nothing will! We are allowing the King of Saudi Arabia to run our country due to our LACK OF ENERGY INDE-PENDENCE, and for no other reason. We have been providing the Saudis’ FREE military protection since back to the days they lived in tents and drove camels instead of Mercedes! Mr. Trump, you recall, has said NO MORE FREEBIES to the Saudis or anyone else! If we save/protect your country, like Kuwait or Iraq, we will take payment in the form of oil, cash, gold, and not camel dung like we have been getting! I think all the other Countries call that the “spoils of war”. That’s something we never took or demanded. We just let our allies, like “Russia” do it after WW2, for instance. Like Trump says, we have been suckers and are paying for it now!

By the way, for those bleeding hearts who say a President Trump could not stop “non” US citizen Muslims or Mexicans from coming into the country as well as Mexicans “because it’s unconstitutional’, read Title 8 USC SEC 1182! While you’re at it read this proclamation made on 8-4-11 by Barry Obama…”Now, Therefore, I, Barack Obama, by the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, as amended (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, hereby find that the unrestricted immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of persons described in section 1 of this proclamation would be detrimental to the interests of the United States. I therefore hereby proclaim that:” He went on to say that he can and will STOP ANY  alien, for ANY reason, including religious and or political, from entering the US that he feels is a threat to the country!  Hard to believe, right? Remember, that was just before the 2012 election!

I am convinced Donald Trump will use natural Energy resources and his business genius to put Americans to work, make our military strong again and turn our economy around and change the way Politicians do business.

By the way, my wife asked me if we still have to pay for Secret Service protection for Hillary after she goes to jail? I don’t know, do you?

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